Bill Bolling shows his true colors…

…at last. Not that I’m surprised. Here’s the money quote:

Also surprising was the first public indication that Bolling, the Republican lieutenant governor who said he would not endorse Cuccinelli after being outmaneuvered by him in the primary fight, is actively pulling for McAuliffe. Bolling’s spokeswoman declined to comment.

This clown has undermined Ken Cuccinelli, as your humble correspondent has related, before. However, now it’s obvious that he’s actively supporting McAuliffe, the corporatist Clintonista huckster and former DNC chair the DPV has nominated for governor. Yes, the same guy who said in 2009 when he ran for governor in the Dem primary that he never wanted ‘another coal plant built.’ Bill Bolling doesn’t care about jobs, the economy, Virginians, or the Old Dominion itself. He cares only for his own political ambitions, petty jealousy, and sense of entitlement. Between Tax Hike Bob’s scandals, Bolling’s backstabbing, and the ridiculous quixotic Libertarian candidacy, Ken is in danger of losing a race he should win. Whatever happens, I personally pledge to do my part to see to it that Bill Bolling’s feeding time at the public trough is OVER for all time, and that he’s never elected to anything ever again. Bank on it… and every good conservative and libertarian should do likewise.

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  1. […]  The good folks at The Liberty Zone are less than optimistic, as the WaPo article indicates that Bolling tried to stop the NVTC TechPAC […]


  2. Just goes to show you that just saying you’re a Republican doesn’t mean that you’re a conservative. There are a LOT of “progressive” Republicans and it’s getting harder and harder to tell the difference any longer. Time for a viable, aggressive third party?


    1. No, third parties are ineffective in the American political system. The way to have an impact is to send people like Bolling and his friends fleeing in broken retreat within the GOP.


  3. virginiaconservative

    Bill Bolling has shown and continues to show why it was best that he is not the Republican candidate for governor. At this point, I’m not sure what he stands for politically…other than advancing Bill Bolling.


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