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In case you guys didn’t know, there was a Million Muslims March scheduled for September 11 in DC. They wanted to show that not all Muslims are murdering, child rapists, and that they love this country. I appreciate the sentiment. Just not sure if September 11 is the appropriate date to march on DC. But whatever… It’s a free country.

The march was not well attended, apparently.

One could say, it was hardly attended at all. The one “person” (and I use that term loosely) who did attend was a shitbag Army E-5, badly dressed, screeching into a microphone, without a cover, looking like he was vomited forth that morning by an incontinent alligator.


(h/t to the guys at This Ain’t Hell for posting this atrocity)

Haircut standards? Nope. Cover? Nope. Gut hanging over belt? Yep.

So some over at TAH got curious, and decided to do a little research on this schmuck.

Now you know, if I mention this particular shitbag here, it ain’t good.

So what did the intrepid guys over at TAH find?

Well, MD Rabbi Alam (who founded something called the American Muslim Political Action Committee) did, in fact, serve in the Army. He was, in fact, at one point an E-5. However, he didn’t leave the Army that way. As a matter of fact, his discharge paperwork has him unceremoniously discharged as an E-1. That’s right – a private.


Additionally, this maggot also ran for public office in Kansas City, and used his photo in his uniform (with E-5 rank) to pass himself off as an Army Sergeant.


You can read the rest of the story over at TAH at the link above. But if this fuckweasel is the best Muslims who want to support the United States have as a public face, they’re in trouble.

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  1. When I first read your headline, Nicki, thought, “Nicki’s slipping. She’s having a lot of trouble with her tenses. “Shitbag???” Singular? And in D.C.? “There are LOTS of shitbags in D.C. What could THIS be about?” Reading about this guy cleared things up, though…a story about ONE such in D.C. Seems like the organizers were only 999,975 Muslims SHORT of their predictions, however.


    1. Yes, this is but one shitbag in a sea of shitbaggery. I chose to focus on it, because he’s a very specific shitbag, as opposed to the hordes of general ones.🙂


  2. If you are actually in the military, wearing the uniform at a protest is sometimes OK, depending on the circumstances, command permission, etc. However, AR 670-1 never authorizes prior service (vets) to wear their uniform to protests. Weddings, funerals, patriotic events, and other formal events are OK. Also, you are not necessarily required to wear the rank you had when you got out–there are circumstances where you are authorized to wear the highest rank achieved (I came across this while researching the legality of wearing my old uniform to funerals of vets, such as my dad’s). I’m not sure exactly what those circumstances are from memory, or if they would apply here. Even when authorized, you must still abide by AR 670-1 on wear, appearance, and grooming standards.


  3. Nicki: I was in DC for the 2 Million Bikers event. I didn’t see one Muslim, but I saw bikes EVERYWHERE… The Muslims were scared to show up knowing that Bikers don’t take any shit.


  4. At the same time, there was a patriotic biker group that numbered in at least the tens of thousands that was denied a permit. They rode anyway.


  5. Latest estimates for the patriotic biker rally (from the DC police, no less) is 880,000! Quite a difference between that turnout and the 25 or so at the Muslim rally.


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