Miller vs. Morgan

I saw yesterday on Facebook that Emily Miller was going be on CNN with Piers Morgan last night. At that point I told her Morgan would be mean, rude and disgusting toward her. I told her to be ready to be insulted. I found the video this morning.

I will give Morgan credit for not calling her stupid, uneducated, or other choice monikers he reserved for John Lott and other pro-Second Amendment advocates.

Emily was strong, effective, and a terrific spokesman for gun rights. She schooled Morgan on several issues including one fact that he never, ever acknowledged: that crime in the United States actually has been generally declining, while gun ownership has been on the rise.

Emily explained how a break-in at her home caused her to consider getting a tool of self defense – an interesting story in and of itself, since she initially talked the home invader out of her house, only to find a horde of his buds waiting for him outside.

Meanwhile Morgan, made the spurious claim that somehow he only sees about one story every three weeks about defensive gun use.

Well, Piers…

Let’s start here:

Tennessee business owner shoots suspect caught attempting to break into business (TN)
Female Law Student, Mother Uses Gun to Fight Off Three Would be Car Jackers (IN)
Elderly, Disabled Woman Uses 9mm Glock to Fight Off Intruder High on Drugs (OH)
Northland Homeowner with shotgun kills intruder after string of carjackings, break-ins (MO)
Robbing The War Veteran Store Clerk Is A Bad Idea (MO)
First-person Armed Citizen: Raceway gas in Montgomery, AL (AL)
Robber shot dead in home invasion (VA)
Homeowner Shoots Suspected Backyard Burglar (TX)
Robbery suspect shot by clerk in north Charlotte (NC)
73-Year-Old Retired Teacher Defends Himself & A Neighbor From Intruder (FL)
Teenager Uses Shotgun to Shoot 2 Burglars, 1 Killed (TX)
Pizza delivery driver shoots, kills armed robber with violent history (FL)
SLC stabbing investigation continues (UT)
State police: Schuylkill County homeowner fatally shoots 18-year-old intruder (PA)
Would-be robber shot, killed by Domino’s pizza driver (FL)
Mobile, AL Store Clerk Uses Ruger LCR to Thwart Armed Robber Without Firing a Shot (AL)
Homeowner shoots, kills escaped prisoner in Iowa (IA)
Milwaukee Bar Owner Shoots and Kills Armed Robber & Gets Enormous Support from Community (WI)
Shooting Kills Man Who Confronted Homeowner with Ax (TX)
Resident is Shot by Armed Intruder, Manages to Return Fire and Stop the Threat (CA)
Deputies: Homeowner opens fire on burglary suspect in west Houston (TX)
Buffalo resident shoots two armed robbers, sparks discussion on use of deadly force (NY)
Woman opens fire on group of robbers at Denny’s (TX)
Homeowner Shoots Rifle Wielding Intruder to Protect Family Hiding in Bedroom (OK)
Confused neighbor barges into home, gets shot (FL)
Shop Owner Facing Eviction After Using Gun to Defend His Cookie Shop (TN)
Armed Jewelry Store Worker Fights Off Rifle Wielding Armed Robbers in Scream Masks (TN)
San Antonio Resident Shoots and Kills 1 of 3 Home Invaders (TX)
Kansas City, MO Homeowner Shoots Trespasser and Alleged Thief Who Attacked Him (MO)
Cleveland Homeowner Shoots and Kills 1 of 2 Masked Robbers Who Pistol Whipped Him (OH)
Tulsa police find burglar in street with gunshot wound, say homeowner shot in self-defense (OK)
Houston Man refused to be a victim for the second time, shoots 2 of 3 armed robbers (TX)
Woman stabs attacker in head with screwdriver (MO)
Police: Bank Robbers Kidnap Couple, Then Shot (TX)
Female Business Owner, Robbed Twice, Bought Gun and Was Ready When They Came Back (TN)
Alaska Man Uses AK-74 to Defend Himself from Charging Bear (AK)
Waffle House Robbery Suspect Shot by Armed Customer in Atlanta (GA)
Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Cleveland Crime Stopper Edition (OH)
Indianapolis Homeowner Shot and Killed Home Invader With History of Violent Crimes (IN)
Homeowner Shoots Home Invaders Multiple Times After They Tried to Use Fake Gun (FL)
Oklahoma Teenager Shoots and Kills Intruder Using 12G Shotgun, Saves His Family (OK)
Legally Armed Motorcyclist Fights Off, Pulls Gun on Three Armed Robbers (CO)
Dayton woman shoots home invader with handgun (OH)
Houston Clerk Wins Gunfight Against Armed Robber (TX)
Victim in critical condition following shooting in Webster Groves (MO)
Ohio Man Shoots Gunmen Holding His Fiance at Gunpoint and Earns Praise From City Councilman (OH)
Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Home Carry is Handy Edition (FL)
Robber With BB-Gun Thwarted By Clerk With Real Gun (PA)
Bar owner thwarts robbery attempt (PA)
Athens woman kills husband in apparent self-defense (TN)
A Florida Man Uses Gun to Save Wife and Baby From Home Invasion by Multiple Intruders (FL)
Homeowner claims self-defense in shooting of man waving screwdriver, deputies say (FL)
Resident Shoots and Kills 1 of 2 Burglars Who Charged Him (NC)
Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Gunpowder & Lead Edition (TN)
Homeowner Shoots 1 of 3 Home Invaders, Protects Wife and Baby, Dog Injured (FL)
Colorado Homeowner Shoots and Kills Career Criminal During Burglary Attempt (CO)
Shooter in fight over feces speaks out (AZ)
Intruder shot and killed by man renting home (IN)
Sheriff: man shot alleged burglar in self defense (NC)
Update: Stabbing ‘victim’ arrested in assault (KS)
Dad Shoots and Kills 2 of 3 Armed Home Invaders, Saves His Wife & Four Children (TX)
Robber shot by store owner in North Philadelphia (PA)
Couple Shoots Leopard In Their Backyard (IN)
Illinois Security Guard Shoots Sledgehammer Wielding Jewelry Store Robber (IL)
Police: Villa Rica clerk fatally shoots robber (GA)
Homeowner shoots, kills intruders (FL)
APD investigates murder (NM)
Customers hold place in line for a guy so he can shoot a thief dead (GA)
Man claims self defense in deadly shooting (TX)
Police: NY man shot and killed after stabbing ex-girlfriend (VT)
Business Owner Pulls Own Gun, Kills Robber In Newark (NJ)
Police: evidence backs up self-defense in Tupelo shooting (MS)
Police: Pharmacist Shot At Robber (NY)
Gun-toting grandma, 72, shoots at intruder, saves wheelchair-bound husband (CA)
Brunswick, GA Homeowner Shoots Knife Wielding Assailant Multiple Times With .45 (GA)

These links are just for the last 3 months – 10 June through 10 September. I counted 74 self-defense stories. That’s 74 media documented stories of self defense in 92 days or .8 per day, collected by

These are stories that have been reported on. The majority of defense cases that don’t involve an actual shooting, but merely the brandishing of a firearm do not get press, and therefore, this number is significantly bigger.

I Tweeted this number at Morgan right before I published this blog entry. Not that I expect him to reply or to even look at the link or read the stories of normal, everyday people defending themselves and others with firearms, but he can’t ever lie and say he never gets reports of armed self defense.

Overall, he was a lot kinder to Emily than some of his other guests. Maybe it’s because she’s pretty, and he doesn’t want to be seen trying to bully a girl.

Take a look at the video. She held her own.


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  1. I don’t think he’s lived in the U.K. for years. I think if he was rational, and examined crime in his own country, he’d realize the necessity of firearms for protection.

    Then again, he might be a pinhead.


    1. That’s too kind. 🙂


  2. He’s a moron- not a pinhead.


  3. Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    “Morgan, made the spurious claim that somehow he only sees about one story every three weeks about defensive gun use.” I would suggest that Morgan is the one who is blind, but then as the saying goes, you see what you want to see, you hear what you want to hear.
    I do hope his tirade – which was akin to hysteria – about the blind and guns nets him plenty of attention from the disabled.


  4. You forgot to mention that we don’t add even all the armed self-defense stories to that list–only the ones where the initial media reports strongly support self-defense. In many cases, initial media reports won’t have enough information to make a good-faith determination that it was self-defense, and even if later accounts do provide that info, it may no longer be a ‘recent’ event, and so won’t get listed.

    In any event, certainly enough to refute the BS that Piers was peddling, not that he will pay any attention to it.


  5. What an AWESOME post! Nikki, again you NAILED it! This is “Post of the Day” today at


    1. Thanks, Teri! Good to see you again.


  6. Meanwhile Morgan, made the spurious claim that somehow he only sees about one story every three weeks about defensive gun use.

    Peirs Moron isn’t making a spurious claim. He’s got staffers to make sure that he doesn’t.


    1. Then I suggest he FIRE his staffers, because they’re giving him spurious claims on which to “report.”


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