Yes, it IS his red line!

I’ve noticed the deafening silence from the leftarded “Give Peace a Chance” horde on the subject of attacking Syria. So has Buzzfeed, which has sarcastically pointed out that the likes of Susan Sarandon, the moronic Sean Penn and the bugfuck crazy Jeanine Garofalo are keeping conspicuously silent on the issue, now that it’s a president they support trying to involve us in a military conflict. Pretty hilarious compilation of idiots. You should really go take a look.

I’ve also noticed something else. Now that the criticism has reached fever pitch and the likes of McCain and others are getting excoriated in the press and by their constituents, our Dear Leader has decided to blame Congress for his now famous “red line” statement. It was Congress’. It was the international community’s. But it certainly wasn’t HIS. He can’t be blamed for this. He’s not the one who will lose face if we don’t immediately attack Asad as we promised we would if he used chemical weapons against civilians!

You have to visualize the size of this tyrannosaurus rex-sized turd of a lie if even the Washington Post sets this thing on fire!

Indeed, the New York Times …reported that Obama had stunned his aides with his “unscripted” language. The Times said that his comments were made “to the surprise of some of the advisers who had attended the weekend meetings and wondered where the ‘red line’ came from. With such an evocative phrase, the president had defined his policy in a way some advisers wish they could take back.”

But aides did not walk it back. The very next day, when asked about the “red line,” White House spokesman Josh Earnest said:


“As the President said yesterday in terms of Syria, we’re watching very closely the stockpile of Syrian chemical weapons; that any use or proliferation of efforts related to those chemical weapons is something that would be very serious and it would be a grave mistake.

“There are important international obligations that the Syrian regime must live up to in terms of the handling of their chemical weapons. And the officials who have that responsibility will be held accountable for their actions and will be held accountable for living up to those international obligations.”

So the red line, for better or worse, was in place.

In other words, yes, it IS his red line. And now we’re all going to be paying for the check his mouth wrote that his ass (and the rest of our asses) cannot cash.


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  1. And while we’re on the subject, where is the daily body count from our ongoing military actions? I haven’t seen one of those in the media since 2009.


  2. But Nicki you need to remember the leftards credo, if standards are good then double standards are at least twice as good.


    1. Well, yes! But there’s definitely good in pointing out their hypocrisy. Just for my own well being. 🙂


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