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I love my job. My job is a public trust. The taxpayers pay me to provide what I consider to be a pretty important service, and in return they expect me to do my job to the best of my ability.

I take nothing for granted. My job could disappear tomorrow, and my bosses – THE TAXPAYERS – could decide they no longer need my services. It’s as simple as that.

Yes, I sometimes have to do things I don’t like. I have sat through all-day meetings. I have sat through mandatory training that lasted several hours. Staff meetings, PowerPoint presentations… you name it.

But I sit through them, and not once have I whipped out my phone and decided that the taxpayers will now pay me to play video games, instead of doing my job!

That’s why shit like this really pisses me off:

Yes, sir! It is a scandal! If my bosses caught me playing video games on my fucking phone during the work day, I would at the very least get a letter of reprimand, and at the very worst lose my job!

You may not take your job seriously, having been sucking on the taxpayer teat longer than I’ve been alive (slight exaggeration, but you know what I mean), but we, the people who pay your salary and your benefits, do take it seriously! And we take it seriously, because every decision you make affects us and our lives, you supercilious, arrogant, worn out colostomy bag!

We pay you to be one of the people who leads this country. We pay you to goddamn pay attention – especially when the hearing is about waging war and possibly sending our children into harm’s way!

So yeah, it is a scandal, John McCain! Maybe you should reexamine your fucking priorities, and remember who it is you’re working for, and who pays you to do the right thing!

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  1. You were too easy on this relic from the stone age. He needs to resign in disgrace IMHO and he should have been booted out of office long ago but people like him. He is a terrible politician(Ted Cruz is about the ONLY one I like). I have no use for any of them. And this POS was sad because he lost pretend money. What about the REAL lives of our kids that he is so eager to send into harm’s way. If he is so eager to wage war perhaps he should lead the way. He needs to fall into a tar pit and rid us of his duplicitous ways.


  2. Just a note to say I’m really loving your blog lately. Xo


  3. Once again, you’ve said it so much better than I could have. Is there some way we could forward about 50 million copies of this to Sen. McCain’s mailbox? Maybe he would wake the fuck up and realize that no matter how poorly he does his job, it’s still important. He might want to take it as seriously as he does the opportunities provided him to get in front of a television camera.


  4. At least he wasn’t playing poker while congress was deciding if we are going to war. Oh wait…
    The NVA must have really done a number on him. Poor fellow needs to resign.


  5. Look at it from his point of view, ‘I’ve already decided to help my Al Qaeda buddies, why should I waste my time listening to something that may differ from my preconceptions?’.
    Total assnugget.


    1. I fucking can’t stand him! I saw him speak at CPAC before the 2008 election. He was an arrogant piece of shit even then. His attitude was: yeah, I consistently betray my party principles and you guys may not like me for it, but what are you going to do? Vote for Hillary? He’s so fucking self aggrandizing! I didn’t vote for him. I refused. I got into a huge argument with Bill Whittle over it (to Bill’s credit, he was a class act and took it to private email and even apologized for some I the hi ha he said). I look at McCain now, and I’m thrilled not to have cast a vote in his direction!


    2. Or, put another way…”I know the outcome–regardless of my input–is already a foregone conclusion, so why should I care?”

      Still think we’re going to vote our way out of this…?


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