How about we bomb…

states that require ID to vote!

Yeah… that’s according to Katrina van den Heuvel, the idiot editor of the leftard rag The Nation.

You see, the vapid twat is against bombing Syria – as is the majority of the nation – but apparently she’s OK with “intervening” in states that require identification to vote – something many other activities, such as purchasing booze and getting a library book require as well. But it’s OK, you see, because evil racist states that want to ensure illegals, the dead and other such riffraff don’t vote multiple times for the Democrats’ inept candidates, are much, MUCH worse than a little gassing on the part of the Syrians.

Speaking of Syria…

I find myself in the most uncomfortable of positions of actually agreeing with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the subject of Syria.

Asked what kind of evidence on chemical weapons use would convince Russia, Putin said “it should be a deep and specific probe containing evidence that would be obvious and prove beyond doubt who did it and what means were used.”

The Russians have their doubts that Asad would use chemical weapons when his armed forces were already winning. They’re concerned that the rebels may have used chemical weapons against the population to get the West involved in Syria’s civil war. Given the instability this involvement would cause, the Russians are understandably cautious.

I would be too.

But back to the topic at hand… Katrina van den Heuvel is OK with “intervening” in states that want to keep elections legitimate.

And I’m OK with drone strikes on vapid, supercilious cuntmuffins whose tongues are so far up the asses of the Washington elite, that they’re licking their tonsils from the inside.

My option is more appealing. Nothing of value to lose there.


4 responses

  1. it’s OK for any one in SYRIA to kill any one else as long as they don’t use GAS.
    It’s OK to kill baby’s as long as the abortion clinic is clean and government regulated.
    By the time Obama made a decision in either one the baby would be 2 months old and the war in Syria will be (no one seems to know)……………..


  2. If I find unconvincing that our President Peace Prize knows exactly what happened and who did it only days after in Syria, but is still unable to figure out what happened in Benghazi as we approach the one year anniversary. HUH? I’m with Putin on this one.

    If the Democrats didn’t have dead people and multiple voters, they couldn’t win. And the Republicans, for the most part, are desperately trying to figure out how to make that strategy work for them. So far they haven’t been able to create the same Zombie Army. Republicans would love to be as crooked as Dems, but they aren’t even good at that.


  3. CRAP! If I find…? Really? I meant, I find it…but oh well…..


  4. The hysterics over voter ID is such a load of manufactured shit.

    An individual must show ID to open a bank account, cash checks, get an apartment, buy booze or buy cigarettes. There isn’t a single one of those supposed ‘disenfranchised voters’ that hasn’t had to show ID to do one or all of those things so STFU libs.


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