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Slow posting

Yeah… sorry about that.

I got back from Germany, been trying to catch up on work, and then… BAM! I’m unemployed for the foreseeable future thanks to the Congresscrap that’s infesting our Capitol.

For the record:

1) I don’t give a shit that ObamaCare is law, as Demotards are proud to remind us. Immigration law, and the Defense of Marriage Act are laws as well, and this administration has no problem not enforcing those laws!

2) I see no problem with delaying said law for at least a year, since it’s not ready for prime time anyway, according to reports. And fact is, it’s a crappy law anyway.

3) I’m sick and tired of the pathetic incompetents in both houses of Congress holding my livelihood hostage. They’ve been a massive FAIL at doing their jobs. They play political games with our lives. They are still getting paid, despite being unable and unwilling to do their jobs for five years. It’s unconstitutional not to pay them for being miserable failures, and yet, they take my earnings even as they claim to speak for me. None of them do.

4) Those of you shrieking that this is a government shutdown, it’s not. It’s simply a massive screwing of the vast majority of civil servants.

5) Those of you crowing that the fact that the country won’t go up in flames if 88 percent of the federal workforce is effectively laid off until further notice is proof positive that 88 percent of the government is not “essential,” are idiots. You don’t understand what “essential” means here. You don’t understand what is necessary for a nation to run efficiently in this global environment. You think running a government this size is the same thing as running a household. You’re morons. You may not need intelligence officers, diplomats and others immediately, but many of us are necessary for this nation to be effectively protected and efficiently run. And while there’s a lot of driftwood and worthless bureaucratic leeches in government, there are also scientists, diplomats, intelligence officers, finance experts, economists and others who are dedicated to serving YOU, and who have made public service an oath and an honor. They are educated, committed and brilliant, and they’re getting screwed – unable to pay their bills – while you blather on about how they’re “not essential.”

6) A REAL government shutdown would include everyone, including the military, police, air traffic controllers, border guards, etc. stopping work. It would include your social security, Medicare and other entitlements being withheld. But since you’re still leeching, and your planes are still on time, you just don’t give a fuck, and think it’s a great idea that millions of civil servants are getting the shaft…

…some of us for the second time this year – after this summer’s furloughs took 20 percent of our pay for several months.

So here we are… an hour before the deadline for the shutdown. I’m being forced to come in tomorrow to sign paperwork acknowledging the screwing I’m getting. Not getting paid for coming in.

Here’s a thought. Depending on how long the screwing lasts, how many civil servants will default on mortgage payments? How many will drastically cut spending? How much will local business be affected by the drop in sales?

But hey, it’s OK, because the President and Congress are still getting paid, as the Republicans work on compromising with themselves, while the Democrats arbitrarily reject any proposal, without so much as a read, because RACISTYOUHATECHILDRENANDTHEPOORANDWANTTOPREVENTBIRTHCONTROL!

But hey… I’ll have a lot more time to blog, right?

By the way, I don’t ask this often, but given the fact that I won’t have an income for a while, this would be a good time to hit that DONATE button on the top right, if you can.


Baseball… it’s for the children

A few years ago, I took the Redhead to a Nats baseball game in DC. We had a blast, just screaming, yelling and enjoying the nice weather courtesy of a good friend of mine.

One of the players sent a foul ball directly at our section, and the Redhead, being a kid, scrambled for the ball along with scores of others.

He didn’t get it. But the guy who did, saw the little boy with the crestfallen look on his face, and handed the ball to him, making the grateful Redhead smile with joy. I remember thinking how kind that gentleman was, and how he truly represented the best in America and the spirit of the game.

Unlike this piss poor excuse for a human being.

Notice, the little girl caught the ball, and this trailer trash twat, simply grabbed the ball out of the hands of this child, and sat down, severely satisfied with herself. And some douchetard redneck trash gave her a high-five for stealing from a kid. Stay classy, shitbags!

I’m told the stadium staff jumped in and took care of the problem by giving the little girl another ball.

What they also should have done is shove the first ball up that bitch’s ass.

It’s not that I think little kids are entitled. But really… she grabbed the ball out of the little girl’s arms and hi-fives her trailer trash buddy.

Wow… don’t you feel all special, having stolen a ball from a little kid? Did you grab her lunch money while you were at it too?


Dear Gun Owners,

Try not to fuck this up, will ya?

We asked two Starbucks competitors, McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, if they had gun policies for their thousands of restaurants.

Both companies said they simply abide by the laws of that state or region.

This was the policy of Starbucks, before certain strident, rude attention whores decided to drag the coffee company into the middle of the gun control debate.

Maybe this time overzealous open carry advocates will simply exercise their rights without drama. Maybe they will show some restraint, be polite and not shove their “BECAUSE I CAN” in people’s faces.

One can hope, right?

Drooling ignoramus suspended for being drooling ignoramus

Take a look at this window-licking, cross-eyed dipshit.


If your kids attend the University of Kansas, and are studying journalism, they may have well been taught by this oozing foreskin.

His name is David Guth, and he’s currently on administrative leave for a) being a turd, b) wishing death upon millions of innocent people.

Guth turned to Twitter on Monday in response the a crazed gunman’s rampage at the Navy Yard in Washington D.C., in which 12 perished.

“#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” tweeted David Guth, who is an associate professor of Journalism at the university’s William Allen White School of Journalism.

“Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters, he continued. “Shame on you. May God damn you.”

Yes, a university professor – who, ostensibly should have a little common sense, has decided to publicly wish death upon the children of millions of innocent Americans, who happen to support a constitutional right that has been upheld by several Supreme Court rulings.

In response to a crazed, medicated shitbag, who used a firearm highly recommended by Joe Biden for self defense, who disarmed security personnel whose job it was to protect people on a military installation, where everyone BUT the security personnel was disarmed, and who proceeded to take innocent lives with said stolen weapons, this moronic, slobbering, half-witted imbecile has publicly wished death upon children, because he disagrees with the political views of his parents.

When asked about whether or not he regretted sending that tweet out to the world (after all, liberal shittards must receive every opportunity to take back their words that were obviously typed in the heat of passion and heartbreak), this wad of pedantic fuck said, “Hell, no!”

In response, the university has said “Hell, no!” to his corruption of young minds on its campus.

Now, he hasn’t been dismissed outright, so there’s still a chance this fat colostomy bag of beer shit and corn might come back to teach there. But I would advise you parents, who are shelling money out to this institution of higher learning in order to educate your spawn, might want to drop the university a nice note, telling them to drop this turd and drop it quickly before you withdraw your precious snowflakes and send them elsewhere.

As for David Guth (every time I pronounce that name, I get little flecks of froth on my lips), please just kill yourself. Just don’t use a gun. Try pills. Or a sharp razor. Just remember to cut lengthwise.

I’m a liberal because I think Starbucks has private property rights

More on the Starbucks controversy. The money shot:
“I received several emails from people proud to show me photos of their “demonstration.” Invariably, it was an image of some guy flashing his holstered firearm in the middle of the store, while a lady in the background looks on with an expression of concern and befuddlement. My response was always the same: the store let you carry that inside, why are you punishing them for it? Yes, perhaps other patrons shouldn’t be worried just because half of the people in the store are armed to the teeth, but they will be worried. And you know it. So your act of “appreciation” is to hurt the business you claim to appreciate by abusing the thing you appreciate them for? I’m confused. And befuddled. Actually, I guess I can relate to that woman in the photo.

This is like if I permit you to wear shoes in my house, so you, rejoicing my leniency, celebrate by jumping into a mud puddle, stomping on my carpet and putting your feet up on my coffee table. Congratulations, I’ve just amended my shoe policy, and it’s all your fault.

I love gun rights, I’m a humongous Second Amendment advocate, and I have consistently and passionately used whatever little voice I have to advocate for the rights of gun owners, but this — this is not activism. This is a disservice to the gun rights movement. Responsible gun owners don’t parade around coffee shops with their shotguns just so they can post a photo of it on social media. Responsible gun owners aren’t impressed with themselves; they see the gun as a tool — not a toy, not a fashion accessory, not a “point,” not an excuse to cause a scene — and they carry that tool with a sense of maturity and discipline.”

The Matt Walsh Blog

I remember when a fast food chicken sandwich restaurant became, out of nowhere, a hotly contested battle ground in the gay marriage debate. Everything was fine, everything was normal, everybody was eating chicken, until suddenly liberal activist organizations were encouraging gay men have heated make out sessions at their local Chick-fil-A, and Christians were countering with a Bible in one hand and waffle fries in the other. Boycotts, rallies, Appreciation Days, demonstrations, fundraisers — it was war. Personally, I have plenty of opinions on the topic of gay marriage, but on the topic of Chick-fil-A all I ever cared about was their chicken.

Millions of people cried out, “We must win Chick-fil-A to our side!”

And I courageously stood and shouted, “Can I get a number one with a Diet Coke?”

I didn’t think political discourse could get any more absurd than the Gays vs. Chicken War of 2012, but…

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