Nidal Hasan bought himself a one way ticket to hell yesterday. One could say that ticket was purchased the moment he decided to unload his firearm bullets first at a bunch of innocent people, but he actually paid for that ticket yesterday when a military jury sentenced that murderous, extremist motherfucker to death.

I won’t rehash everything. You can certainly read about it in the numerous media reports that are out there today.

My only hope is that they don’t allow him to rot in prison, and that they do it immediately… slowly… painfully… until he finds hell on earth, before departing to whatever hell is reserved for murderous fundamentalist Islamic bastards.

Yeah, yeah… I know… wishful thinking. But one can dream, can’t one?

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  1. “….before departing to whatever hell is reserved for murderous fundamentalist Islamic bastards.”

    You misspelled “Heaven where he will be rewarded with 72 virgins.” Personally, I don’t think he should be killed; it’s what he wants, and no one should ever be allowed to choose their own punishment. He wants to be a martyr to his murderous cause.

    Lock his ass up in the same cell as Manning and feed him a diet of the cheapest ham possible for the rest of his life.


  2. Under the UCMJ and military law his death sentence is automatically entered into a review process to ensure the court findings were within the rules of military law. If it is, he can still appeal (or someone can in his stead) to a Court of Military Appeals… then it can still go outside the military to be challenged. Don’t recall off the top who would see the case- haven’t had a death sentence carried out in many, many years in the military. Either way- we could be feeding him, sheltering him, paying for his health care and seeing his name for years.
    On the side, stand by for the accusations- a “Moslem Warrior” who killed “enemy” “soldiers” got the death penalty and a US Soldier who went out and murdered innocent villagers just got a few years…”


    1. Yeah. I know. Just wishful thinking.


  3. He probably will wind up dead of natural causes before the sentence is carried out.

    But if they DO execute him, they should lay a couple strips of bacon on him. Muslims believe that being tainted by pork is automatic hell for them. Let him know terror before he dies.


    1. Nah – lets take a note from the Brits fighting Moslem tribes in the Khyber Pass back the 1800’s… publically bury them sewn into the whole skins of hogs… big nasty feral hogs rom Texas, complete with fleas, ticks and whatever other critters they bring with them… don’t waste bacon!


  4. Damn, Wolf, you’re right! Wastin’ bacon? What was I thinking?


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