Dear Christians –

If you are wondering why people think you’re all shitslurping assholes, look no further than this church.

Elders at Ridgedale Church of Christ told Linda Cooper and two relatives that their public support for Kat Cooper, Linda Cooper’s gay daughter, went against the church’s teachings, local media reported. In a private meeting, reports say, Linda Cooper was given a choice: publicly atone for their transgressions or leave the church.
Linda left the church.
Kat Cooper is a detective with the Collegedale Police Department. This month, she fought successfully for health benefits for her same-sex spouse, Krista, from the town.
The Board of Commissioners passed a resolution allowing for same-sex partner benefits, becoming the first city in Tennessee to do so.
Along the way, the mother publicly supported her daughter. That support appears to have led to a rift with her church.

OK, so this lady has attended this church for more than 60 years. That’s SIX DECADES.

According to the story, the “public support” of her daughter involved being there for her.

To the church, this is some kind of horrid transgression. A mother who loves her daughter, and supports her legally-joined partner getting health benefits – just like any other legally-joined partner – something that could and should be viewed as equal treatment under the law…

Apparently that just won’t do.

And apparently, unless she publicly renounces her daughter’s “sin,” she must leave the church she has attended and supported for six bloody decades.

Did Linda Cooper, in fact, “endorse” her daughter’s lifestyle, as the minister of this church claimed? I don’t see it. Demanding equal protection under the law for two people who are legally joined/married/whatever you want to call it does not mean endorsing a lifestyle. It means that this woman loves her daughter, and whether or not she agrees with her daughter’s lifestyle is completely irrelevant.

Nonetheless, this lady has been shunned by the church she has attended for nearly her entire lifetime for her refusal to condemn her child, whom she ostensibly loves. This is not about condoning what the Church considers to be a sin. This is about supporting a child you love unconditionally in a legal matter. Apparently, this particular band of frothing fundamentalist fruitcakes doesn’t like that, and therefore, Mrs. Cooper is now being forced to leave the church in which she grew up…

…all for the “sin” of publicly supporting the child she loves in a legal matter.

I know a lot of religious Christians, Jews, etc. I don’t agree with some of them on the matter of gay rights, but those I consider my friends also accept this difference of views, and do not treat gay people with any less respect than they do straight people.

Unfortunately, foaming at the mouth zealots such as this shitbag of a minister, are of a different breed altogether. They would even force a parent to condemn their own child and exile a church member for failing to properly denounce their loved one!

And these are the fundamentalist assholes that give the rest of the Christians a bad name.

I supported Chick-fil-A owner Dan Cathy’s right to voice his opinion on gay marriage based on his religious views without local governments in “tolerant liberal utopias” such as Boston and San Francisco persecuting them and destroying their efforts to build their business in those cities using local government power.

I support the right of gay couples to be legally married and to enjoy (some will debate that, based on their own matrimonial experiences) the benefits that go along with being married.

I support the right of anyone to have and voice his or her views on any topic without government persecution. The church is a religious entity, and it certainly has the right to boot out any member for any reason.

However, doing so will not and should not make this church exempt from criticism.

Frankly, this church makes Christians look bad. It makes them look like repugnant, intolerant, disgusting bigots.

I’ve met plenty who are, and I’ve met plenty who are not. But the rotten ones are louder and more obnoxious, and I can’t help but think that their actions will reflect badly on all Christians – even those who hold the “hate the sin, love the sinner” mentality, and even the ones who support gay rights outright.

As an aside… The church is a tax exempt entity. Many churches also receive government grants. That’s taxpayer money going to these churches – taxpayer money that is taken out of pockets of gay and straight people alike. While it used to be that the congregations supported the churches, more and more, the churches are turning to governments – be they federal, state or local.

So, if gay people, who ostensibly pay the same taxes as straight people, are also funding grants for the nation’s churches, wouldn’t they morally have the right to demand the same services as the straight congregants?

This is the problem with the government having its paws in everything, including churches. This is why we do have the separation of church and state. It’s not just to prevent the federal government from imposing a national religion. It’s also to protect churches from government intrusion. If you are receiving taxpayer money, the taxpayers have the right to make demands of you. So if a church is receiving tax dollars, wouldn’t the government have the right to make demands on said church?

Just a few thoughts on that front.

But my bottom line is this: to churches such as the Ridgedale Church of Christ – yes, you have every right to exile this poor woman for supporting her beloved child. And we have every right to call you out as the bigoted piece of shit assholes you are.


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  1. This was perfectly said.


    1. Thank you, darling! 🙂


  2. What would Jesus do?


    1. I’m not Christian, so I don’t know, but I have this sneaking suspicion, he certainly wouldn’t kick a nice old lady out of the fucking church! AMIRITE?


  3. The elders or bigots ( if they want to be called Christian ) should read the bible again , instead of making up the rules to suit themselves .


  4. Christian churches aren’t necessarily following the teachings of Christ. That’s unfortunate, since Christ was known to be friends with the dregs of society and didn’t judge them for their lifestyles.

    Societies live and learn. Hopefully our society will learn to allow the inconsequential things to not remove the focus from the things that can destroy nations.


  5. Actually, Christ befriended “the dregs of society” to encourage them to become MORE than the “dregs of society”…not because he admired them. His attitude was that you don’t “cure” illnesses by ignoring those suffering from the illnesses. The Jewish “clerics” of his day were in the habit of associating ONLY with those who believed as they do. Jesus’s attitude was to associate with those who did NOT believe as you do and encourage them to change the way they believed and behaved. His parable of the lost sheep illustrates that perfectly. “What shepherd would not leave the ninety and nine and seek the sheep that was lost?” Unfortunately, many so-called “Christian” denominations have long forgotten that and have become like this one and ousted or shunned those who don’t behave as they think they should. That said, it should be noted that the Bible DOES condemn homosexual BEHAVIOR, though the New Testament doesn’t specifically condemn homosexuals…just what they DO. I seriously doubt that Christ would condemn someone for loving their child–regardless of how far they’ve strayed from Christ’s teachings. The church should understand that and reverse any condemnation of this woman.


  6. The bible is full of pretty good and helpful ALLEGORIES to being a good person. What I can’t fathom is how anyone can read it and actually take it literally.

    I’ve no use for religion but find it a damn shame that what I feel is a worthy text with worthy lessons get twisted into, when taken literally, a virtually endless cornucopia of excuses to perpetuate every type of hate, bigotry and killing petty people can think of.


  7. Christians acting like Christians. I’m fucking shocked. Really. I am. Can’t you tell by the fucking shocked expression on my face?


    1. Only an utter moron believes that this is a case of “Christians behaving like Christians.” It would help if you understood what being a Christian means before making an F-bomb-laced comment like this, Vic. Seems as if it was made only to give you an opportunity to post the word “Fuck” as many times as possible.


      1. Oh, I think Vic understands being Christian better than most, Sir. You might want to ask him about his background before making that assessment.


    2. I don’t know his background Nicki, but I DO know what constitutes Christian behavior and what doesn’t. What this story depicts is NOT Christian behavior and to assume that it does is silly…at best. I understand that there are people who PROFESS Christianity who don’t behave anything LIKE Christians. That’s why there are about 150 different denominations calling themselves “Christian.” To make a blanket statement that these people are “behaving like Christian” is simply untrue…and the sort of remark one would expect from a secular “progressive,” not someone who values and reveres this country and its historical traditions.


      1. pappad – I will take exception to the statement that someone who is either an atheist or condemns behavior that he feels is repugnant from “Christians” is not “someone who values and reveres this country and its historical traditions.” I take offense, as a matter of fact. I’m an atheist, and I’m extremely secular. There are plenty of Christians whose behavior I outright condemn, and whose beliefs I disagree with and even find disagreeable. But to claim that Vic (a Navy veteran, by the way) and one of the smartest (and NON liberal) people you will ever encounter, or even someone like myself, whose family came to this country BECAUSE of the values and historical traditions and the freedoms this nation protects, and who sacrificed to serve said country, is someone who doesn’t value its traditions is quite offensive and ignorant.

        Not believing in a God does not automatically make one derisive of our fundamental values, no matter how some religious types try to claim it does.


    3. Ah, yes. Here we are. The typical Christian canard that says that unless I’m fellating both god and his bastard son with a full throat, then I’m a “secular progressive.” I’ll be honest and give you the secular part, but to call me a “progressive” truly shows that you have no idea about which you speak.

      As Nicki said earlier, I have far more knowledge of and experience with Christianity than you can possibly imagine. I could go into a very, very long-winded tale with which to regale you regarding my vast experiences, but frankly, I feel no need to do so at this point. I am merely going to show respect for our esteemed hostess here (and her guests), and will politely decline from offending, well, everyone.

      P.S.: If you’re offended by the word “fuck,” then what are you doing on this blog?


  8. Well said, sestrichka.

    Supporting your daughter, even though she is most definitely a sinner according to Scripture, does NOT mean endorsing the sin. It’s called “loving the sinner.”

    Last I checked, and I’m as hard core Christian as they get, that wasn’t a Bad Thing™. It was actually demanded of you.

    Now I don’t know if this lady got up in church and encouraged the congregation to all go eat muff, but I somehow doubt it. All I see is a mother loving her child.

    And I’m fairly certain that Jesus would have approved of that. Or I’m in the wrong church. And I don’t think that I am. We’ve been around for a whole lot longer than the hajis that particular congregation seems to emulate.


    1. Thank you, bratik dorogoy. I may be a heathen atheist type, but I’m fairly sure I understand what Jesus wanted of his disciples, and it’s not to act like fucking zealots.


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