Stop Placating PC Morons!

We have lived in Arlington County, VA for the past two years. I love the area! It’s gorgeous, there is lots of greenery, the schools are terrific, and it’s close to work. The kids have been attending Washington-Lee High School for the past two years. It’s one of the top schools in the nation, and I’m glad the kids got the opportunity to attend.

Bad thing about Arlington? A plethora of PC idiots who are nosy, snotty, invasive and dilatory.

Case in point: Some douchebag from Virginia Square asked the Arlington County School Board at its meeting last week to remove the “Lee” from Washington-Lee.

Virginia Square resident John Schachter said Robert E. Lee, the Confederate general during the Civil War, deserves “no positive recognition for his appalling record [of] treason, racism, hatred and dishonor,” according to the Sun Gazette.

Thankfully, no one at the meeting appeared to take this dimwit seriously – not even the head of the Arlington branch of the NAACP, preferred to focus “on dealing with current issues, not reopening old ones.”

Apparently, seeing the school from his oh-so-lofty condo offends the fragile sensibilities of Schachter and his wife and needles their white guilt.

Never mind that Robert E. Lee and the Civil War are all an indelible part of our history and part of what makes America what she is today.

Whether you believe he was a traitor or not…

Whether you condemn his cruel treatment of his slaves or not…

Lee was a brilliant military tactician and a class act despite the South’s defeat.

Apparently Schachter doesn’t get it, and neither does his wife, who proposed renaming the school Washington-Lincoln.



If he’s so butthurt over the name thing, he should just move to another state – a northern one – where he won’t have to put up with them ignorant Virginians worshiping Lee and naming roads and schools after him.


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  1. Lee was a class act. He was more a states rights guy, than one to blindly follow a tyrant. Lincoln was not a nice guy!


  2. I bet he owns a bidet so he can wash the sand out of his vagina 😀


  3. The Lee family was instrumental in getting Virginia’s support for the Declaration of Independence…another reason to bitch-slap the little mangina.


  4. Let’s see here! Correct me if I am mistaken, but didn’t George Washington own s-l-a-v-e-s?


  5. In my opinion, as a southerner and veteran, this is pretty sad. GEN Lee was revered by his troops and recognized on both sides for his leadership and skills as a tactician. And still is. Schacter needs to go back where he came from.


  6. I’m sure one of my cousins held a gun to his head and forced him to live where he does. Lees do that, you know.


    1. Like most leftards, he carpetbags on over here and then tries to change the area to his vision of utopia.


  7. Political Correctness is KILLING this country…and it’s practiced almost exclusively by morons on the left. The “banning for life” of that rodeo clown in Missouri is a perfect example. “Why he had the gall to make fun of the President!” as if no one had ever portrayed President Bush as a chimpanzee or with a Hitler moustache!


    1. It wasn’t for being disrespectful of the president, it was for blaspheming the Exalted Holy God-King.


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