Record Number of Americans Giving Up Citizenship

My parents brought me here from the former Soviet Union when I was just 8 years old. At the time I didn’t really understand why I was here, why we left and why my parents were so happy to have arrived in America.

I learned eventually.

Even though I didn’t rationally understand what this nation was about, and what the nation I escaped was, the raw thoughts were there, and they formed into ideas gradually.

I never thought in a million years of leaving the country my parents fought so hard to enter – or the citizenship they worked so hard to attain. I have always been proud of my American citizenship. I joined the military, because I love this country. I serve, protect and defend the Constitution of these United States for those same reasons to this day.

I cannot imagine what these expats are thinking or feeling. But I’m beginning to understand why.

Globally, more U.S. citizens have renounced their citizenship in the first and second quarters than all of 2012 combined, and 2013 is already on track to becoming a record year for renunciations. A total of 1,130 names appeared on the latest list of renunciations from the Internal Revenue Service, according to Andrew Mitchel, a tax lawyer who tracks the data. That is far above the previous high of 679, set in the first quarter, and more than were reported in all of 2012.

While those numbers are still a fraction of the estimated six million Americans living abroad, lawyers say the main trigger for cutting ties with U.S. recently is the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, or Fatca, which requires foreign institutions to disclose the overseas assets of U.S. green-card holders and citizens to the U.S. government.

These people are being harassed and targeted by their own government. “My decision was less about the actual amount of taxes I had to pay, and more about the system,” said one investment banker, who renounced his U.S. citizenship and is now a Hong Kong citizen. “I’m not an ultrawealthy dude. It was the hassle with all the paperwork”


Because somehow our government feels like it hasn’t sucked enough blood, sweat and tears from its citizens. Because somehow, it wants more. Because somehow, it’s never enough.

Not all of these people are ultra-rich, trying to avoid paying taxes. The US is the only nation in the OECD that taxes citizens no matter where they reside. So these American citizens wind up paying for infrastructure they don’t use, government services they don’t need and funding programs for people with whom they do not live, because many of them have been living outside the United States for years. And they will have to pay that money to the IRS – with penalties and interest.

And then there’s the forms and inevitable bureaucracy, which requires foreign banking institutions to get information on US citizens who happen to have accounts with them and hand it over to the IRS.

The result?

Many Americans residing overseas are reporting banking lock-out. Many foreign financial institutions have simply chosen to eliminate their US citizens and US person client basis in order to minimize their exposure to FATCA reporting requirements, withholding fees and potential penalties.

This is the result – again – of a government that is out of control. This is politicians laying claim to your earnings – no matter where you might reside. This is elected scum thinking it’s entitled to your work and your achievements.

You don’t believe me? Listen to Keith Ellison, who thinks the government has a RIGHT to yet more of your money! Ellison, a Prognazi Marxist representative from Minnesota, says there’s no problem! There’s plenty of money! It’s just the government doesn’t have it!

What Keith Ellison and leeches like him do not understand is that the government is individuals elected by the people. The government is representatives who get their power and authority from the people who elect them. There is no “government right.” Rights belong to individuals, not to an entity called the government, and NO individual has the right to steal another individual’s earnings at the point of a gun!

Government is power.

Government is guns.

We delegate certain rights to the government, such as defense. We have the right to self defense, and we have the right to delegate that authority to our government on a larger scale. That right still belongs to each individual. We do not cede it by delegating it. We simply give the government the authority to act on our behalf. What we cannot do is give the government the authority to violate others’ rights on our behalf.

Government is a service, and we pay taxes for that service as a society.

But when that government uses its guns (or the threat of arrest) to relieve us of our rights, that’s when things go wrong.

When that government uses its power to create new “rights” while violating existing ones, that’s when things go wrong.

So when leeches like Keith Ellison claim a “right” to our property and our earnings, it’s time to tell them to stop!

It’s not like we don’t pay enough taxes. Federal, state, local, sales, Social Security, Medicare, property taxes, fuel taxes, federal corporate income tax share, estate tax, fees, licenses, inflation losses, inheritance, deficit allowance, gift taxes, etc.

But Keith Ellison thinks we ought to pay more, and he and his progressive cabal in Congress deserve even more, so they can spend it how they see fit, and that they have a better understanding of how your money should be spent than you do. Because it really doesn’t matter, you see, that you did not ask for the “service” Keith Ellison and the rest of the parasites in Washington want to “provide.”

Services” like soccer fields for the terrorists being kept at Guantanamo Bay, grad students in Indonesia, tattoo removal programs for gang bangers, research on sex habits of Japanese quail and video games, social and environmental programs in China, museums that obviously could not make a profit on their own and required government funding, “artists” who had the same problem, and genital washing research in South Africa.

And now, the politicians in Washington think they have the right to demand even more of your money to fund even more of their stupidity.

Is it any wonder that Americans are leaving in droves, and giving up their citizenship?

It has become quite obvious that their government has become their ruler, not a service. It has become quite obvious that the deadbeats in Washington that produce nothing have no respect for the hard work and the earnings of the people who elected them.

So they are leaving.

I haven’t given up on this country yet. But I do think that people need to understand that their votes have consequences, and putting freeloaders in power year after year has consequences.

When the rich whom they victimize, and whose bones they pick clean have no more left to give, and those who have had enough have left the country, they will turn to what we now consider the “middle class” as the new “rich” whom they can suck dry. And when the “middle class” becomes indigent, and every producer has either lost everything or left the country, whom will they have left to loot?


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  1. In the America that I grew up in, and at least five generations prior to me even being born lived since before the Revolutionary War, you were born, you made it to adulthood, you moved out, you worked, you either became successful or you didn’t. If you didn’t you wound up living on the streets or died, or both.

    If you succeeded you at least could pay your bills, raise your own family and didn’t demand others “take care of you”.

    That America is gone. We’re staring down the barrel of the same gun that killed the Roman Empire. We have a decline in ethics, morals, family values. We are seeing government and political corruption on a scale never before seen in the USA. We’re seeing a shaky and unstable economy that is running headlong into collapse. We have a “President” (and I use that term loosely) that is working to divide this country into haves and have-nots, and racially rip the country down the middle. We have a Leftist/Progressive generation who grew up here that wants to turn this country into the Old Soviet Union – to take our guns, our defense from the government, to politicize every point they can, to undermine the morality of this country, to work aggressively to bring forth the most “Progressive” form of government (read: Communist) to ever exist. We have Agencies within the government that are no longer supervised, no longer being watch-dogged, and Congress has given them the power to destroy what we have.

    I personally can’t blame one American who is fed up and figured out it’s time to go. In the Revolutionary War there were the “Loyalists” who left and formed another country on an island. But I fought for this country. I believe in the Constitution, and I believe in the Idealism that is America. I won’t ALLOW myself to be dragged into a “give up your citizenship” drive, but will rather FORCE them to take it from me, with a fight.

    I’m getting too old for this crap though. I’ve chosen a different path. The path of “travel” until things “get better” to save my wife from the coming destruction of this nation. I won’t sit on my ass and watch. I blog, I prod, I still write letters to Congress, I still vote, and I still have my guns and won’t give them up. To hell with the Progressive Left that wants them – no, I will die defending the rights of Americans, even those that want to give them up and take mine.

    But I also won’t any longer sit still and allow the collection of money from my income that goes to losers, Obamaphones, Obamacare, and Obama-this-and-that. My money I worked so hard for for these last four decades is MINE. I will keep it, and I will use it. If they take it, so be it, I’ll keep going but there will be hell to pay. Because if they take mine, they will take others’ monies and the day will come when one last shove pushes Americans over the edge and they stand up and push back.

    That day is almost here.

    In the mean time, downsizing, becoming mobile and becoming more fluent in the language of war is all we have left.


    1. To be fair, this crap started long before Obama.


      1. Oh, I realize that. I know it started before Obama. He’s just the current resident in charge of keeping it getting worse.

        But in all honesty, he got his opening, he’s taking it to far beyond the Blue Event Horizon. He got his opportunity to finish the job they started in the 1960s in this country.

        So – I honestly don’t care who is to blame. I want it to stop. If not, there will be an internal war in this country that will make everything in history else look like piddly petty fiefdom wars.

        When the true collapse comes, there will sides, more than two, and everyone will be out for themselves. There won’t be any safe ground, holy ground, high ground or place you can go to get away from it all. No where in the world will be safe when it happens.


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        2. Several of our sites have been targeted by the left and they are marking things as spam. I suspect that has something to do with it.

          I’m not adding any links (usually, occasionally I will drop a news link in a comment, but rarely) and several other bloggers have found their sites labeled as “malicious malware” sites of late. At least 4-5 of the folks I read have had this message come up when I’ve tired to go to their sites.

          I checked and you can report sites as “malware sites” and I suspect this is happening to many more in the past few weeks.

          Thanks for the rescue of the comments. I hope you deem mine worthy enough to keep them. Thanks!

          Alpha Papa


        3. Yep. I do, and I did. I’ll just look closer from now on. Rescued this one too. Really weird. 😦


        4. I just received another remark about my comments going to spam. Someone doesn’t like me, I think! /chuckles

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        6. At this point I have requested a response about this issue. If I get something other than “unspam the remarks and eventually the system will learn” I’ll let you know.


        7. I’ve contacted them as well.


        8. Awesome! Thank you!



  2. Pretty sad commentary and statistics but when you see the likes of Ellison, it’s easy to understand. I wonder if that toad has ever really worked for a living.


  3. Wow, a whopping 1,130 ex-pats are deciding to leave? Haven’t they BEEN gone for a while, and this only makes it official?

    I understand the reasoning — I work in Canada and am subject to taxes in both the US and Canada. It can be expensive, and I have entertained the idea of possibly renouncing MY US citizenship once or twice but have yet to come up with sufficient reasons that outweigh the reasons for retaining my dual citizenship status.

    Many of these ex-pats who have made the decision to renounce have been gone from the US for a long time and never really had any intention of returning. Some, are people who are taking their wealth and literally running away from what they see are “unbearable” taxes. Perhaps they read Atlas Shrugged and thought that was a real thing to do.

    Frankly, I am surprised the number isn’t much larger. Is this something to be alarmed about? I wouldn’t think so. Migration is not a one-way street, especially in this day and age when you can hop onto a plane and be halfway around the world in a day, and you can talk to someone on the other side of the world over the phone in an instant.

    We talk about American “Exceptionalism” as if we are the land of OZ or something. Today, there are quite a number of other nations in the world that are at par — or in some cases above par — with the US in freedom, and livability. Many of these ex-pats have figured that out already — at least the ones who have been gone for a length of time. The neo-ex-pats, the ones who are simply leaving because they don’t want to pay taxes at all, are going to be in for a huge surprise down the road. But hey, good luck to them.


  4. What’s worse. NY State does the same thing to retirees who retire there and then move to some other state to live out their retirement years. They’ll chase you down and try to collect income taxes on your retirement income, regardless of where you’ve moved to. My company decided to allow it’s NY employees to transfer to another state and THEN retire to avoid this happening to their people.


  5. Nikki, I responded to the link that the spam checker folks sent me. I’ll let you know if anything else comes up on this. Thanks!


    1. Well, the good news is that you are no longer in the SPAM hell!


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