Newspaper publishes map of gun owners. Editor fired in mass layoffs.

Finally! Someone is being held accountable. Took them long enough!


I’ve nothing to add except this is wonderful news.  A newspaper accessed the names and addresses of registered New York gun owners through a public records request.  The paper then published a map of registered gun owners who live just north of New York City.ny go

The editors and staff were shocked by the unfavorable public response.  They received angry phone calls and even face to face criticism at their office.  The home addresses of the newspaper employees were published online by another group.   The managers of the paper hired armed guards for physical security.  The newspaper staff were openly mocked in online videos.  Advertisers in the newspaper received many critical comments and the paper’s advertising revenue fell.  All this happened in a suburb within commuting distance of New York.  I guess you don’t have to get far from Manhattan to loose the luster of liberalism.

Now 17 newspaper employees

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  1. This announcement truly made my day. What goes around comes around.


  2. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    YES! Oh, sorry, was I too exuberant? LOL
    One less Leftist newspaper.


  3. The news media often betrays what it would have us all believe is its sacred public trust by making the news instead of reporting it, to the detriment of the general welfare. Such a scheme caused great damage in the 1951 film “Ace in the Hole” starring Kirk Douglas.

    It is reassuring to know, however, that sometimes the journos who perpetuate such heinous scams get at least a portion what they deserve without having to wait until the next world.


  4. Nothing like good news in the morning, even some people who don’t support gun rights don’t like stuff like he pulled. It would be like a conservative blog or newspaper listing women who had abortions. How well do you think would work out for a editor or blogger doing that.


  5. Tickled pink. I am😀


  6. Karma is SUCH a bitch! Hehehehe


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