There have been plenty of times in this wild ride I like to call “life” when I’ve wondered what it the plentiful fuck possesses people to open their mouths and spew the most ridiculous stupidity possible! Many times those people have been teachers – both mine and my children’s. Like that time the Redhead told me he had to explain to his teacher the difference between deficit and debt. Or when he’s had to school his teachers on the origins and meaning of the Second Amendment. Or when Teeny’s science teacher told the students that they were to use only sources that supported anthropogenic global warming claims for their scientific research…

I could go on and on.

I’ve often wondered whether these teachers actually hold degrees in anything other than feminist studies, and whether they got their jobs by fellating a school administrator or five.

And then I see the union bosses, and I understand.

Last Thursday, New Jersey American Federation of Teachers president Donna Chiera, appeared on NBC’s “Today” Show to discuss arming teachers as a defense against the type of horrors Adam Lanza perpetrated against numerous innocent kids and their teachers at Sandy Hook.

I’m not kidding. This is really what this dimwit said. She makes the Baby Jesus cry.

“I would hate for students to say, ‘Oh, my goodness, if I answer the wrong question, is my teacher going to shoot me? If I make my teacher angry, is my teacher going to shoot me?’”

I don’t even… I just…

I’ve had a few teachers who really made a difference in my life. Throughout my childhood, there have been several who really stand out. Then there were the others…

Chiera continued:

“Because of the media and everything they’ve been exposed to, where people on a regular basis they see on TV, someone got mad and pulled out a gun. I also think it impacts parents. Parents many times come into classrooms to have uncomfortable conversations with teachers. And I wouldn’t want parents to come in and be hesitant to say something to me with, ‘Is this the teacher who’s packing the gun, and what do I have to be fearful?’ I think it would make an environment of fear.”

The only way kids and parents could get this stupid is if the media and people in positions of authority continuously harped on armed citizens, promoted hoplophobia and the misconception that they are a danger to society, that they’re bound to shoot anyone with whom they disagree…

Oh wait…






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  1. Considering that teachers had the lowest average ACT/SAT scores going in with that as a declared major…then had the smart ones drop the program…and dumb ones from other programs drop in…yeah. Teachers, as a group, are scraping the bottom of the barrel. Then they promote the incompetent ones to administration.

    Feminist studies majors are f*cking *EINSTEIN* compared to those mouth-breathers.

    (I went in with teacher education as a declared major. Dropped it like a hot potato, and got a MA in English…which pays much less, and doesn’t qualify me to teach high school. But I can teach college. Go figure.)


  2. This brings to mind the facebook photo of a teacher holding a firearm. The caption reads, “If you trust me with 30 children… you should trust me with 30 bullets.” The obvious point is that we don’t trust some of them with even one child.


  3. They have a degree in Socialist Indoctrination Education, and usually have at best a minimal knowledge of thw subject they are supposed to teach.
    And don’t forget that old saw “Those who can, do, those who cannot, teach” trite but too often true.


  4. If I make the policeman angry, is he going to shoot me?? Well…ah….hmmmmm?


  5. Some wise man once said (and this was back in the 1950’s!) “We should take Colleges of Education throughout the nation and do with them as we would an unwanted kitten…drown them!” I say this even though my own sister-in-law changed her major from Computer Science to “Education” and took her first job as a teacher in a 1st Grade classroom. She’s great with kids, but quit when she had her own and has been a full-time mother of two for almost 10 years now.


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