Teamsters – Like the Westboro Baptist Church, but With Political Connections

In the latest bit of union scummery, the Teamsters have apparently been picketing funeral homes and harassing grieving families. Things got so bad, that a temporary restraining order was issued.

The Appellate Court of Illinois, First Judicial District, granted a temporary restraining order against the Teamsters Local 727 and its leadership on Wednesday. The order calls for picketers to “refrain from conveying any actual or veiled threats against any person, also, refrain from obstructing, hindering, impeding or blocking any person’s entry to or exit from any funeral site or any facility containing a funeral site.”

The ruling comes after a complaint filed by SCI Illinois Services, Inc. asked for a temporary restraining order as well as preliminary and permanent injunctions after repeated incidents of gross insensitivity and harassment directed at grieving families by Teamsters’ picketers outside of funeral homes affected by the union’s current strike against the company.

Now, they’re not quite as hateful as Felching Fred Phelps and his merry band of attention-seeking, inbred, fucktarded family members, who specifically target family members of slain service members to inform them that their loved one is going to hell…

…but they’re close.

Some incidents detailed in the press release include:

During the service of a young child who had passed away from cancer, picketers laughed, smiled and joked as they created a disturbance within the immediate vicinity of the only public entrance to the funeral home.  They were asked to move by a police officer who had been called – then moved back immediately in front of the building and its entrance after the officer left.

Bastions of sensitivity these Teamsters. Glad the threat of police action prompted them to move back, while cowardice and lack of honor and integrity compelled them to continue being assholes after the cop left.

While escorting a woman and her father who were attempting to plan her recently deceased mother’s funeral, an employee escorting them was taunted and called names, the three of them were taunted with a bullhorn and siren sound, and intimidated by an unleashed German Shepherd.

Milk of human kindness, these Teamsters, aren’t they? And using an innocent animal in this manner… beyond the pale.

Picketers used a bullhorn to shout profane and sexually explicit taunts while a woman and her four- and five-year-old sons attempted to make arrangements for her grandmother’s funeral causing the family to become visibly upset.

Almost as classy as Felching Fred Phelps and his horde of shitslurping cuntwarts. Actually, I’m not sure what is worse: shouting sexually explicit obscenities at little kids or taunting the loved ones of fallen Soldiers. I think it’s a tossup here.

Picketers threatened to blow up the house of a retired sheriff’s officer hired to work private security at the funeral home.

Again, it’s a tossup between the Phelps assholes and these assholes. I’ll give it to the Phelps assholes, because they’ve at least never threatened anyone with physical violence.

There are other incidents detailed in this press release, so go and read for yourselves.

It’s one thing to exercise your right to protest and picket an employer. It’s quite another to be an indecent piece of putrid detritus and victimize innocent people who have suffered a horrid loss.

So in the decency department, the Teamsters are about on par with the Felching Phelps. But while Fred and crew are shunned by any decent human being, and any politician wanting to get elected…

…the Teamsters seem to be the golden boys and girls of the Democrats.

Secretary-Treasurer John T. Coli, one of Illinois’ most influential labor leaders, heads the 6,800-member union. Coli brokered the Teamsters endorsement of Barack Obama during his then-long shot campaign for the Democratic nomination—a major turning point in the 2008 primary.

Obama, then a junior senator of Illinois, pledged in private meetings with Teamster leadership to end federal oversight of the powerful union, which had come under scrutiny for its ties to the mafia under Jimmy Hoffa, father to current Teamsters President James Hoffa Jr. Both sides denied any quid pro quo in the deal.

Coli has since arranged other political endorsements that have worked in the union’s favor. The Teamsters were the only major labor organization to endorse President Barack Obama’s chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s mayoral campaign. Emanuel pledged to crack down on unions to help resolve Chicago’s then-$650 million budget deficit.

A Chicago Tribune analysis found that only one of the nine labor reforms proposed by Emanuel after his election would hurt the Teamsters, while some of the proposals, such as privatizing city recycling, would increase the union’s private sector workload.

The mayor also ignored Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson’s recommendation to scuttle a Teamsters contract to shuttle city workers to and from job sites. The contract was fraught with waste since Teamsters were being paid to sit in their trucks waiting for the workers to finish.

My advice to the funeral home employees: better arm up. You’ll be forced to defend yourselves sooner or later.

My message to the Teamsters: keep it classy, assholes. Sooner or later you’ll get yours.

My message to the Democrats: Fuck you.


7 responses

  1. You sure T Coli was not the son of E Coli?


    1. They might be one and the same. You ever seen them in the same room together?


  2. Unions are, by and large, the enemy. The Teamsters are among the worst.


  3. Odd partnership that has occurred in the labor movement–communists and the mob. But then, both have essentially the same end game…enriching themselves while bringing down capitalism in the U.S.


  4. Now for a totally random segue:

    The new fashion accessories for the well-dressed funeral attendee this year are baseball bats, crowbars and motorcycle chains.

    So I’ve heard… 😉


  5. I was raised in a town heavily influenced by unions. They’d terrorize and used goons to keep the rank-and-file voting in lock-step with their agenda.

    The final result of their actions? A huge reaction by the general public and the final removal of their power, through an economic collective effort. They were no better than any illegal crime cartel and their legacy of evil destroyed them in the end.

    The same will happen to the teamsters. May those that are most evil be dealt with in evil manners. They deserve nothing better.


  6. Add the Teamsters to the list of Obama’s legions of Brownshirts.

    I live in a town dominated by the International Longshore Worker’s Union (ILWU). Wish me luck, they drink a lot of Kool Aide.


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