Uh… what?

Bloomberg is reaching hard up his own ass for this particular bit of retardery.

You see, New York’s crime problem is not the fault of the criminals.

It’s not the fault of the justice system.

It’s not even the fault of the eeeeeeeeevil guns, or Internets or violent video games.

Nor is it the fact that New York is an epic FAIL when it comes to actually prosecuting federal gun control violations.


New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg blames Virginia and several other southern state’s for the Big Apple’s gun crimes — so now he’s set his Mayors Against Illegal Guns’ sights on the Deep South for a Second Amendment crackdown.

“Despite all we do to keep our city safe, we’re increasingly at the mercy of weak national gun laws and weak gun laws in other states,” Mr. Bloomberg said, according to The New York Post. “We have been attacking this problem from every angle, but we cannot do it alone.”

 He cited Virginia as about the worst, in terms of allowing guns to flow into New York.

I guess the “stop and violate frisk” program isn’t working out so well?

Or the prosecution of people who fail to navigate the huge bureaucratic maze made up of red tape and bullshit in order to be “allowed” to exercise their rights?

Nope, none of those measures are working because… VIRGINIA!

In 2011, guns from Virginia were involved in 322 violent incidents, he said, The New York Post reported. He also said that guns from states other than New York were used to commit 90 percent of the city’s crimes in 2011 – and that’s up from 85 percent in 2009.

That’s what we call “basic economics” shitbag. For other references see “Prohibition” and “Drug war.”


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  1. He must be related to the other idiot who claimed to be “frustrated” that since crime is going down, “why are we still incarcerating so many people?”


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