We Need a National Conversation on Race…

unless you’re someone whom leftards don’t like. Then you just need to shut the fuck up, because you don’t have a “license” to “say anything.”

That’s according to racist twat Sherri Shepherd of the View, who apparently thinks that unless you’re a “young, black man,” your views on race don’t mean shit.

I don’t want to give Bill O’Reilly a license to say anything, because he’s never been a young black man growing up in the situations that a lot of them grow up in,” Sherri Shepherd told Lemon on Monday’s The View.


Hate to tell you this, you dumb bitch, but even the distasteful O’Reilly has a “license” to say something on race. It’s called the First Amendment, and he’s certainly got the right to speak on the issue.

But, of course, you don’t want his participation, because… well… he’ll say stuff you won’t like.

You know what you call a “conversation on race” where screeching, ignorant shrews try to shut up one side of the conversation?

It’s called a monologue.

You would do well to learn what that is.


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  1. No conversation on race will mean ANYTHING worthwhile unless and until blacks admit that they can be just as racist as any white person. Without that admission, no dialogue is even POSSIBLE on the subject. So far, I’ve not seen any signs that most blacks are willing to concede that obvious fact.


    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I’m more than willing to have a conversation but it must be with folks who come to the table with zero bullshit.


  2. And speaking of “growing up in the situations,” how small a minority has SheShe ever been a member of? When my family moved to a new house, my sister and I were Jewish Kids Number 7 and 8 in our junior high school. And there was more bigoted bullshit from some faculty members than from most of the other kids.

    We all grow up in our own “situations” and my perspective, even if different from SheShe’s or Lemon’s or O’Reilly’s, is no less real, no less valid, and no less permissible under the First Amendment.


  3. so is it just young blacks or is it any one who grows up without a chance like say a Hispanic, a poor white ghetto boy or girl? I have seen people young and old of all races male and female make bad choices.
    The family unit has gone away, schools are expected to do it all and a school district here just armed several employees with hand guns. I heard it on the national news before I knew it had happened.
    Ms. Hillary made a comment that made some sense something like why can’t every one walk down the street in their town and be safe. I fell into the trap of liking the comment a little. Getting to that point……………………………………


    1. Nope. Apparently, the only people qualified to talk about race are… um… those who are of that race.

      Ergo, I’m not qualified to talk about issues that affect males, because I have the wrong plumbing.

      You can’t have an opinion that child abuse is wrong if you’re not a parent.

      You can’t hold the view that theft is wrong if you’ve never been robbed.

      I could go on.


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