Saint Bernards Need Your Help

I don’t know what is going on around the Maryland, DC and Virginia area, but it seems heartless people are dumping Saint Bernards all over the area! These beautiful, majestic, loyal and kind animals are being neglected and abandoned at alarming rates! And when they’re not being abandoned, they’re heartbreakingly neglected, and I’m horrified that people in this area are so revoltingly indecent that they would allow these gorgeous dogs to suffer!

I’ve been told that no less than 20 Saint Bernards have been abandoned or turned over to the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation recently.

Beautiful dogs like Tiny, who is gentle, sweet and loves belly rubs.

saint 1

And this adorable puppy named Petey, who wants to play and be rambunctious like all puppies do.

saint 2

And sweet Lily, who was about 40 lbs.  underweight  when she arrived at the rescue with skin infections and a tick-borne disease, but is doing much better now.

saint 3

These dogs need help, folks. They need care and attention, and most of all, they need families who will love them, because they have huge hearts and a lot of love to give back.

I realize it might seem overwhelming to take care of a dog this large. But it’s a lot easier than you think.

Our Tucker is very sweet and loving. His favorite pastime is lying around, snuggling and passing gas (that part is not that great, but we deal with it). Tucker loves nothing more than to put his huge head in your lap and have you pet his face and ears. He doesn’t destroy anything. He can even be described as dainty, if an animal that size can be called that.

He is probably the cuddliest dog I have ever had, and he’s the least troublesome. He doesn’t chew, he doesn’t make a whole lot of noise, he will bark at a passing dog outside every so often, but other than that, he’s the most docile animal ever! He trots along peacefully on our walks and just enjoys being with his humans. You couldn’t ask for a better best friend!

tucker baby

Hi, I’m Tucker, and I love snuggling with my humans!

We have never regretted making Tucker part of our family – not even for a moment.

So please, do yourselves and these gorgeous animals a favor, and visit the Saint Bernard Rescue page. Go meet these beautiful dogs, and I dare you not to fall in love with them!


4 responses

  1. In preparation for the Beijing Olympics, some business enterprises in China (effectively the Chinese government, of course) began breeding them as a protein delicacy for the tourists.

    I’ve never owned one, but have known too many friends and neighbors with pet St. Bernards. They are every bit as friendly and lovable as you say. Even if I did not eat kosher, I still couldn’t bring myself to eat them.


  2. Neglecting dogs is akin to neglecting kids and the sick bastards that do it need to be beaten to a pulp.

    My personal soft spot if for Pits but make no mistake every breed deserves society’s full attention.


  3. I was able to help a bit with a small donation, but I can’t possibly go to the DC area and adopt one. I have a Yorkie for a reason. They don’t eat much and St. Bernards POOP as much as my dog weighs.


    1. Pappad, any help is greatly appreciated! My heart absolutely aches for these poor animals! If you know of anyone looking for a Saint Bernard, do let me know!


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