Tax Hike Bob Is In Serious Trouble…

…and it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. He needs to resign. Shaun Kenney has the story. And I think a lot of people owe Willie Deutsch an apology if he does. RLCVA board member Joshua Huffman has more.

I haven’t liked or trusted him since he immediately began running for Governor in 2005 upon being elected Attorney General by a razor-thin margin over Sen. Creigh Deeds, the same man he would best in the 2009 gubernatorial general election. I’ve met Bob McDonnell on roughly ten occasions, having had extended conversations with him twice, and he has come off as agenda-driven, ambitious (even by politician standards!), disingenuous, and always looking around the room to see who he should be talking to, regardless of who it is he’s speaking to at the time. In short, he’s an example of the problem with the Republican Party of Virginia. He, along with George Allen and Bill Bolling, marshaled their establishment hack minions on the RPV State Central Committee to depose Jeff Frederick as RPV Chairman and replace him with Uncle Pat Mullins, a longtime GOP establishment fixture in Virginia. This was all before he declared his candidacy for Governor and the deal was done with Bolling. They also recruited John Brownlee to try and stop Ken Cuccinelli from becoming the nominee for AG in 2009.

Upon becoming Governor, he made a litany of promises about how he was going to cut government, fix VDOT, etc. Name a conservative promise of good, honest and open government in Richmond, and he probably made it either during the campaign or immediately around the time of his inauguration. He deserves credit for floating the plan to sell off the state-owned liquor stores, but he didn’t really throw his full political weight behind it, so no one backed him up on it in the General Assembly. He spent a lot of time recruiting businesses to come to Virginia from various and sundry hopeless blue states, with a fair degree of success. The bad news: He often promises them goodies in the form of sepcial tax breaks, which of course, translate into tax increases on everyone else. He topped off his mediocrity of an administration by cooking up Plan ’13 From Outer Space with Bill Howell, Tommy Norment, Bolling and some Democrats in the GA, and passing it over the objections of conservatives.

Please, Bob. Just go. I’m sure Bill Bolling will be more than pleased to sit in the big chair, if only for a little while.

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