World’s Smallest Violin Right Here

First Lady Michelle Obama apparently thinks her position is comparable to being in a “really nice prison.”

Roberts noted that Martha Washington, the first First Lady, also described living in the role as akin to being a state prisoner.

Obama said she loved her job and found it liberating in some respects, but confining in others.

“There are some prison elements to it,” she joked. “But it’s a really nice prison.”

First. World. Problems.

4 responses

  1. First. Bitch. Problems.


  2. FMO!


  3. /chuckles…. having worked there for eight years during the Reagan/Bush years I can say with certainty that there are ‘elements of a prison’ there. Having worked in a prison for a couple of years, I can say that absolutely she is right.

    But, at the same time, she as First Lady can still come and go as she pleases. She has no limitations on her movements except for her protection (USSS First Lady detail protects her) and they have to know where she is going and she has to have a certain number of body guards, as do the children, the President, VP and certain other members in the line of secession.


  4. Leave them all in Africa. They disgrace the U.S. and we sure don’t need them meddling any longer. The two spawn can go to Oprah’s school.


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