Immigration Bill Pork

This travesty of a bill passed the Senate yesterday, with concessions made to tons of different lobbies. Not only does it allow millions of people whose first act in this country was to take a shit on its sovereignty, but it’s also filled with pork and special programs that will once again cost Americans billions we already can’t afford and provisions meant to bribe Republicans into voting for this travesty.

Adds $1.5 billion to President Obama’s failed jobs stimulus, a gift to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Turns the Travel Promotion Act, which was supposed to end in 2015, into a permanent program at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars. Prime beneficiaries? Las Vegas casino interests, a gift to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada.

Makes a range of serious crimes for which U.S. citizens can be arrested and imprisoned — including assault and battery, drunk driving and tax fraud — “waivable” for illegal immigrants when it comes to their amnesty status.

Gives Alaskan “Seafood processing” jobs special status as “shortage occupations,” letting those industries hire low-skilled illegal immigrants to fill “temporary” jobs, a bipartisan favor to Alaska Sens. Mark Begich (Democrat) and Lisa Murkowski (Republican).

This is how politicians do business these days. They simply stuff proposals for which they suspect they don’t have enough votes with our money, and bribe legislative swine into supporting their bills. With our money.  Those of you who complained about the variety of enticements that made ObamaCare a reality, such as the bribe to Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson using our tax dollars, well, this immigration disaster is no different.

Spending? Fuck it.

Deficit? What deficit?

Debt out of control? So the hell what?

The new measures tacked on to the Corker-Hoeven deal were designed to help secure broad support for the compromise amendment in the Senate, where it passed Wednesday by 69-29. At the heart of the compromise: Adding nearly 20,000 federal law-enforcement agents to the Southwestern border to address Republican concerns about curbing illegal immigration.

As for securing the border, I don’t trust them. They tossed more money at border agents and technology meant to secure our borders, but it all will be for naught if the Border Patrol is required to release the illegals soon after they’re caught, because Congress is busy spending our money on the special interests that get them elected, and we have no money to retain the criminals who cross our borders.

And once again I have to remind you Republicans how you humped my leg in 2008, beating me up about “wasting my vote” by voting Libertarian instead of putting that shriveled old bag of noxious crap McCain in the White House.

Happy now?



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  1. It all boils down to betrayal. That’s what Congress seem to be unable to understand. They’ve betrayed the honest taxpayers, intentionally misled for gain and have no idea of the amount of anger that is now felt by anyone that is forced to live within a shrinking personal budget.

    They’ve left a huge door open for a third party. While this party may not have the strength to decide huge elections in the near future, it will have those that have reached the point to understand it’s not advantageous to be polite and allow their country to fall into complete disrepair. They will be angry and determined, which are two things that always create huge changes.


    1. Jess, I’ve been hoping that for years, but the people of this country are too dumb and apathetic to be a force.

      I’m done with all these assholes. My plan is now to get rid of as many incumbents as possible, and I don’t give a fuck to which party they belong.


  2. I’m inclined to agree Nicki. The problem is incumbency. When a young, conservative legislator first gets to D.C., they are taken aside and told that they can STAY there as long as they want–provided they vote the way the “leadership” tells them to. There are so many perks associated with BEING a “legislator” it’s VERY hard for someone to tell the “leadership” to fuck off and then vote their conscience instead. Term limits are the only reasonable answer…and that’ll take a Constitutional Amendment–which no one in D.C. will EVER bring to the floor.


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  4. Damn, that’s some refreshingly straightforward talk, well stated Nicki!


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