Charges Dropped Against Jared Marcum

Finally! The idiot prosecutors in this case have seen logic, I guess, when they dropped criminal charges against a teenager whose only “crime” was wearing an NRA T-shirt to school!

If you remember, a few months ago, Jared caused a teacher at his Logan County, WV middle school to soil his depends by wearing a shirt that confirmed his respect for the Second Amendment – a shirt that did not violate any school district regulations – a shirt that screechy idiot school administrators wanted him to remove.

Stupid teacher is stupid. Cowardly teacher is pusillanimous.

Stupider yet, Jared faced ridiculous criminal charges, as well as jail time for standing up for his rights.

Thankfully, those charges have been dropped.

Too late, in my opinion.

After more than two months of stress and legal bills, the prosecutor finally decided this little vendetta wasn’t worth the public outcry.

And it looks like Jared and his family will be filing a civil suit against Logan County for the ridiculous, authoritarian way they handled this case!

Good! Let’s hope for a win!


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  1. They need to sue the school administrator personally for anything a “good lawyer” (and I certainly am using that term loosely) can come up with, as well as the county and anyone else involved for civil rights violations too.


    1. Damn straight! These dimwits who teach in our schools need to either retire or just slink away. They’re transforming our kids into panty-shitting, irrational cowards. I’m not going to let that happen to my kids!


      1. Actually, Nicki, I think that’s precisely why they WILL NOT slink away. They are deliberately transforming these kids. This isn’t an accident, it’s a long-term, planned event.

        I’m in my mid 50s and saw this starting as a kid in school myself. I was smart enough to grasp the differences in what the books were teaching and what the teachers were trying to get us to believe. Most weren’t (which is why the world is full of these libtards today).


        1. It’s a planned event that will be successful UNLESS we all get involved and do something about it! Whether it’s sharing blogs such as these, or homeschooling, or simply taking care and paying attention to what your kids are learning in schools and having frank, intelligent discussions about it at home, it’s up to all of us to take it back.


        2. My children have been absorbed into the body (Star Trek reference) and there’s little to be done for them now. Most are actually ok, a couple of them have bought into the horrible Leftist Movement and their kids are indoctrinated. It is, what it is now.

          I tried to stop this myself. Ran for school board long ago. Didn’t win, but sure made a dent in the Leftist movement (force them to spend hundreds of thousands on the Lefties that won against me, to my 200 dollars for photo copies of flyers! LOL)

          I have had my wins and losses. I’m about to take up fishing from a sailboat someplace in the Caribbean and South Pacific. I think I’m done with this nonsense.


        3. Can’t blame ya! My kids are thankfully doing well from that perspective. My daughter just graduated high school and enlisted in the Marine Corps yesterday. My son has made “libtard” a permanent part of his vocabulary and makes it a point to challenge his teachers at every turn.

          *keeping fingers crossed*


  2. I’m not a big fan of lawsuits, but the family needs to sue the school administration, the city, the county, the state, and any teacher involved.


  3. Yes, they do need to sue and I am certainly not one who advocates this lightly. This is mental abuse of a minor at minimum. The lesson that “might” be learned by those so willing to make our children tools for their agenda’s would be worth every moment and every dollar spent on it. Someone start a fund, I’ll be there.


  4. Ok, they dropped the criminal charges. What about the Administrative action by the school district? Or will that continue quietly now that national attention (or should I say national ADD) has jumped to the next crisis of Constitution?
    I would not put it past this school to have some administrative action against this student.


    1. I’m fairly sure if that happens, the parents will call the media, and the school administrators will get negative attention they just don’t want.


    1. Yeah I saw that. Ridiculous. That twat from Canada who got all stupid needs an ass beating.


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