I Can Has Hope?

Usually, this is me when I read about American society, especially given the popularity of Justin Bieber, the continued existence if Infowars and the repeated reelection of Sheila Jackson-Lee.


But not today, boys and girls! Because today, I am reading about the waning popularity of useless, drooling moron Jim Carrey, whose career seems to be taking a dump right on his manicured Hollywood lawn.

“Dumb and Dumber To” has been kicked to the curb, making for the latest blow to Jim Carrey’s career.

Warner Bros.’ decision to pass on the “Dumb and Dumber” sequel comes hot on the heels of the box office failure of “The Incredible Burt Wonderstone,” a film that had a similar budget but grossed only $22 million domestically. Carrey received good reviews for his portrayal of a Criss Angel-like street magician but the film failed to connect with audiences.

I’m hoping that the reason the film failed to connect with audiences is that Americans, on the whole, are sick and tired of being treated like drooling ignorami by Hollyweird and having their collective intelligence insulted by the likes of Carrey, who apparently thinks he can continue to make millions with fart jokes and by making idiots feel better about themselves by portraying characters who are even dumber than the majority of the population.

While Carrey’s “Dumb and Dumber” pal Jeff Daniels has actually developed his talent and on-screen presence by actually… you know… ACTING (not to mention his immense musical talent), Carrey has remained a supercilious buffoon – as if trapped, stunted in a moron jar – thinking he can still make money off his puerile attempts at humor, merely by acting dumber than his perceived audiences.

NEWSFLASH! Carrey is too old to act like an infantile tard. That schtick gets old. It’s not the 90s, and hopefully, we’ve matured as a culture enough to shun sophomoric butt jokes.

Additionally, when you toss in his vaccine denialist efforts, that fly in the face of logic and scientific evidence, and his moronic attempts at resurrecting his relevancy by smearing the Second Amendment and millions of American gun owners, you get an aging, pathetic jester, who is desperately seeking attention.

Jim Carrey is apparently unable to grow and develop mentally and emotionally, and incapable of maturing his talent to the satisfaction of his audiences, who are apparently tired of the same stale schtick that grows more wearisome and more irritating as time marches on. If there’s any kind of deity up there, Jim Carrey will fade into obscurity, and the next time we’ll hear about this dimwit, it will be on some obscure reality show, or selling The Clapper on late-night TV.

hopeful cat

One can only hope.


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  1. /chuckles: “Justin Bieber”, “Sheila Jackson-Lee” Alex Jones and Infowar. Who ARE those people anyway? LOL


  2. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Good reads today.


  3. He and Adam Sandler can just go away.


    1. For some reason, I find Sandler infinitely less annoying.


  4. The last movie that Carrey did that I actually enjoyed was his portrayal of Andy Kaufman. Other than that, he is obnoxious.


  5. Jim Carrey is about as funny as Adam Sandler and Will Farrell.

    And about as relevant.


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