And the Hits Just Keep on Coming

Now, the heinous monster of that immigration bill includes Obama’s jobs “stimulus” program, according to the Examiner.

In order to appease socialist Bernie Sanders, who demanded that the bill add measures to create jobs for young people who will be displaced by illegal aliens in the job market. It would provide $1.5 billion in the next two years to provide jobs for Americans between the ages of 16 and 24. Sanders says the bill would damage youth job prospects. Ergo, we must spend yet more money to “create” jobs for young people who will be displaced by illegal aliens, who will receive legal status as long as they don’t commit crimes (unless they get a waiver), get a job or go to school (unless they get a waiver), provide documentation that they pay taxes (unless they can’t) and pay penalties (unless they can’t afford them).

According to Sanders, each state would receive a minimum of $7.5 million to run a summer jobs program for young people in 2014 and 2015. States with high youth unemployment would receive a lot more. Many of the bill’s provisions are based on President Obama’s American Jobs Act, which Congress never passed. Sanders claims it would be paid for by “imposing a temporary $10 fee on employers who hire guest workers and international workers who receive green cards.”

That’s how you get legisleeches on board. Bribe them with tacking on their pet measures that had no hope of passing Congress to begin with.

And I’m betting the vast majority still hasn’t read it.



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