So apparently, another dimwit Senator – this one Brian Schatz’s (Dipshit-HI) – has proposed an amendment to the already dangerous, worthless, amnesty-laden immigration bill that would require persons displaced by “climate change” to be considered “stateless persons” and granted legal status and spend money on a study to examine the effects of “climate change” on US immigration policies.

I. Shit. You. Not.

SA 1411. Mr. SCHATZ submitted an amendment intended to be proposed by him to the bill S. 744, to provide for comprehensive immigration reform and for other purposes; which was ordered to lie on the table; as follows:

     On page 1490, between lines 2 and 3, insert the following:


    Pursuant to section 3405, the Secretary, in consultation with the Secretary of State, may designate, as stateless persons, any specific group of individuals who are no longer considered nationals by any state as a result of sea level rise or other environmental changes that render such state uninhabitable for such group of individuals.


    (a) Study.–The Comptroller General of the United States shall carry out a study of the effects of climate change-induced migration on–

    (1) United States immigration policies; and

    (2) Federal, State, and local social services.

    (b) Report.–

    (1) IN GENERAL.–Not later than 18 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Comptroller General shall submit to Congress a report containing the findings of the study carried out under subsection (a).

    (2) CONTENTS.–The report specified in paragraph (1) shall include an analysis of–

    (A) the expected extent of climate change-induced internal migration of–

    (i) residents of Alaska, Hawaii, and other States; and

    (ii) residents of United States territories and possessions;

    (B) the expected impacts and additional costs on existing Federal, State, and local social services of various regions, States, and localities resulting from the climate change-induced migration of United States citizens;

    (C) the status of individuals who are stateless as a result of climate change; and

    (D) an analysis of the adequacy of current funding sources and the identification of potential new funding sources to finance the additional costs and social services required to address impacts associated with climate change-induced migration.

This idiocy in addition to the “immigration reform, unless granted a waiver” bill would make this thing not just unsustainable, unrealistic and insanely expensive, but downright dangerous, because it would pretty much allow anyone claiming “stateless” status to enter this country.

Thankfull, I doubt it’s going anywhere.

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  1. Every morning, after breakfast, I flush something more important than the immigration bill.


    1. Unfortunately, this crap WILL be important if it becomes law. The utterly useless Senate looks like it’ll pass it, so it’s on the House to stop it.


  2. Do these people understand how foolish they look…and how they are undermining the credibility of the Federal government?

    Guess not…


    1. I suspect that it is deliberate, to prepare the lumpen proletariat for the coming Holy Socialist Revolution.


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