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So apparently New York’s Nanny Bloomberg was out and about, preaching his message of tyranny and virtues of victimhood yesterday, reading names of gun violence victims, when his group of petty tyrants referred to Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a gun violence victim. Ooops! An apology followed.

The organizers of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign on Wednesday apologized for including Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev among a list of shooting victims’ names that were read during a demonstration in Concord on Tuesday.

The apology came after several groups, including the New Hampshire Republican Party, blasted the Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign for included his name.

Alex Katz, deputy communications director for the Mayors Against Illegal Guns campaign, said rally organizers relied on a list compiled by of people killed by guns since the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., “and his name was on the list.”

His name was on the list. He was killed by police in a gun battle, after killing several innocents, including a child, and maiming scores of others. But his name was on the list.

No one bothered to read the list.

No one bothered to proof or prepare for a public recitation of murder victims.

They simply read the list – mindlessly – without giving thought to each and every name.

This cheapens their supposed cause – as if it wasn’t cheap enough. It negates their assertion that they care about each and every victim. Hell, they don’t even bother to think about the names, and that there were people who bore those names, whose loved ones miss them.

This doesn’t honor the victims of gun violence. It merely points out the mindless, droning, senseless political agenda of Bloomberg’s group – without thought to actual victims – without consideration to what may actually stop further violence – without thought at all.

Just another name on a list.

This is what Bloomberg and the Mayors Against Illegal Guns group thinks of those innocent people murdered by evil shitbags. Nothing but names on a list.


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  1. They simply read the list – mindlessly – without giving thought to each and every name.

    This cheapens their supposed cause – as if it wasn’t cheap enough. It negates their assertion that they care about each and every victim.

    I have to agree with you on this. I think their philosophy is such as the name doesn’t matter, the ‘victim’ doesn’t matter to them. This really shows their philosophy of “every ‘gun’ death is wrong”.
    In stark clear unrelenting color!

    If they cared about anything but gun control; their organization would have procedures in place to weigh each death. They don’t.
    If they cared about the victims, they would make sure each person was truly a victim instead of a heinous criminal .

    But they don’t. And it also highlights how little they think of the average person; that they don’t believe people will notice or care.


  2. Is Costco on its way to foreign-hands?

    Like the Anheuser-Busch story, shrouded in drama and business scandals. It would seem Costco’s future could be getting shorter by the minutes in American-hands and Kirkland could turn into a relic?

    Shady and surprising business moves by the corporate heads at Costco. It seems one after another, infringing on the “customer friendly policies” that Costco allegedly provides their members. Whether it’s Costco’s (return policy) or stocks dipping, maybe even much more drastic like Hepatitis A.
    Now being swung in to a Lawsuit with Tiffany’s in New York over hundreds if not thousands” of bogus Tiffany items. Not to mention, the recent step down Jim Sinegal the long-time CEO of Costco. It only took this new CEO a couple of months to land in a world of hurt. It just seems to be falling all apart for Costco here in America.

    Anheuser-Busch went into scandal; Busch IV had his murder sandals rolling and Busch III sold-out the newly acquired CEO Busch IV, right into foreign-hands and created bad blood between them.

    Well, you could Google Costco’s scandals on the internet which gave me vertigo! Or you can hear me out!

    Just a ton of problems from Costco, that leads me to believe there in over their heads. Just like Anheuser-Busch was before they got sold to foreign-hands. Yep, Europe had to reach out and stop the crash from happening in America, which put an end to the reign for the can of beers.

    The main reason why these giant corporations fail is they lose sight to what’s right and become greedy mongrels.

    America could lose the war on greed….


    Fox Muldeer
    Business Investigator


  3. Apology NOT accepted.

    He’s STILL the Malevolent Dwarf to me.


  4. Wait… Is Bloomberg’s real name Rumplestiltskin?


    1. Nah. Rumple was way cooler and much more cunning.


  5. Costco-members learn the hard way, putting all their faith and loyalty into Costco…
    While the devastation of the Costco Hepatitis A disease, becomes real to the American people. The number of “frozen berries” that have been sold, nearly (half a million) is also getting realized.
    This is serious guys! Hundreds, if not thousands, could be affected with Hepatitis A! The more the news groups ignore this story trying to stay loyal to their Corporation beliefs, the more uninformed people are going to be about this “outbreak disease that’s not cool people.”
    What’s going to happen here possibly, is hundreds if not thousands of people are going to need a liver or kidney transplant to survive this violent disease that Costco has gave, to its members nation-wide?
    People are calling Costco’s Headquarters without getting responses and when they do get a response from the company it’s vague with no apology or talk about medical coverage. Costco will give a vaccine shot as of June 6th, but I’m sorry the damage is done the people need help and Costco and the Government are turning their backs of the poor victims in America.
    Now you know who you’ve been putting into office in the government and who you been paying for salaries at Costco. You’ve been sold-out by the worst. Welcome to the real world, people!
    What’s it going to cost for each person who has the disease, thousands, millions of dollars? We’re talking transplants, rehab, medicine, bills, that won’t get paid now because you aren’t going to work anymore? Seven states so far across the nation are affected by this disease and counting.
    I was just listening to the news on the main stations they interrupted the program that my wife was watching just to talk about a woman that came encounter with a shark. I’m talking about are “mainstream media” not even concerned about this outbreak because Costco is a corporate so loved by all!
    What a joke people!
    Wake-up everybody listen to what’s been said on your news stations and what is not….
    To make matter worse some of the people who work at the pharmacies, have contracted the Hepatitis A so when Costco sends you for their “Hepatitis shot,” that their offering you, may just get it from your pharmacist several pharmacist have been reported to have contract the Hepatitis A ! One woman is suing from her bedside at a hospital in Lakewood Washington.

    We don’t know where this disease could have started yet? It was “Townsends Farm of Fairview Oregon,” that grows the berries but they use products from Argentina and Chile. America has got to learn to grow its own food more often…
    Costco Vice President of Food Safety said Costco has informed 240,000 of their members with information about the outbreak and over 10,000 phone calls have been received by concerned members that shop at the Costco’s nation-wide.
    The media is doing such a great job of covering up the story that’s why only 10,000 calls had been received by Costco and not 300,000 Plus people who could be carrying the Hepatitis A disease.
    Watch-out America, you’ve missed with some bad crooks!


    Fox Muldeer
    Business News Investigator


    1. Ummmmmm….. Mkay


  6. […] Remember when Bloomberg’s clueless, thoughtless, statist group of petty criminals and thugs read of a list of victims of gun violence in Concord the other day, and included the name of the Boston Marathon bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev as a victim of gun violence? […]


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