Dragon Leatherworks – Now a Store

I’m sure you all remember when I got my pretty new holster for Watson, my M1911, and the beautiful new belt to go with it, all lovingly crafted by Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks.

Well, guess what!

Dragon Leatherworks is now a store – a brick and mortar type store. According to Dennis, the store will feature not just the incredibly cool holsters Dennis has become known for, but also belts, ladies’ CCW purses and pocketknives, cleaning supplies, targets, and general shooting paraphernalia as well as actual firearms. It’s going to be pretty fantastic, and Dennis is shooting for (no pun intended) a mid-July opening date.

According to Dennis,

Dragon Leatherworks will be one of only two gun shops in Oak Ridge, and the only one within 3/4 mile of the only (so I’m told) 1000 meter sniper range still operating east of the Mississippi, at the Oak Ridge Sportsmans Association. The big names in this area are Coal Creek Armory, Frontier Firearms, and the Big Box Stores.

So if you’re out there in Tennessee, stop by and see Dennis. His products are top notch, and he’s a damn nice guy to boot!

They got the sign up recently, and this is going to be a wonderful place!

dragon 1dragon 2

Dennis will still make all the custom-made stuff in his shop offsite, but this little store will sell the wares to the public!

I can’t wait to visit!!!


4 responses

  1. And I can’t wait to see you walk in through the door!


  2. Is you 1911 named Watson because of Sherlock?
    Come, Watson. Come, the game’s afoot!


    1. That is correct! 🙂


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