Do You Trust THESE People to Secure Our Borders?

It still boggles my mind that some of these legisleeches wind up in Congress and in the Senate, elected time and time again by people who are so stupid, they need a calculator to help them estimate change from the $5 bill they handed over for a $2.95 purchase.

Case in point, we have Mary Landrieu (D-umbass) from Louisiana. This is the same corrupt dimwit who was essentially bribed with a $100 million federal Medicaid subsidy for Louisiana in order to get her to vote in favor of ObamaCare. This time Mary showed her ever- reddening ass during a speech criticizing efforts by some Republicans to secure the border before legalizing millions of illegal aliens. This time she was a geography fail. A MASSIVE FAIL.

“I chair the Homeland Security Appropriations Committee that is actually building the fence,” she continued. “The money to build it comes through my committee, so I’ve actually gone down to look at the fence that we’re trying to build. It was shocking to me and would be shocking to everyone in America if they would see it, that no matter if you build a single fence or a double fence with space in between, how easy it is for people to be very ingenious about getting over it or under it. So I would be voting against Sen. Thune’s amendment because I’m not going to waste taxpayer money on a dumb fence. And that’s what his amendment would be.”


“We need to build a smart fence,” she continued. “And a fence is not just a physical structure which could be built out of a variety of different materials with or without barbed wire on the top. A smart fence which is what Sen. McCain and I want to build — since he’s from Arizona, I think he knows more about this than the senator from South Dakota who doesn’t have a border with Mexico, but only Canada and that is quite different. I think Sen. McCain would say if he were on the floor that we absolutely want to build a barrier of security, and that will be a combination of a physical structure that is built to the great standards that we can with the technology that will actually shut down illegal immigration. It is not correct for anybody listening to this debate to think that people on the Democratic side of this aisle or people supporting this bill do not want to secure the border. Nothing could be further from the truth. But I can tell you — I may be overridden. People may vote against it, but I’m going to hold the position that we cannot waste billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars building a fence that doesn’t hold anybody on one side or the other. We have wasted enough taxpayer money.”

Let’s put aside for a moment the fact that this is a person who was elected to make laws that would ostensibly protect and secure this nation. Let’s put aside for a second the fact that this hypocritical sow was bribed – BRIBED – into supporting a bill that will waste billions in taxpayer dollars, after she was essentially tossed $100 million more in taxpayer money for her state! And now she’s whining about a measure proposed to shore up the security of this country, even as she claims she and her idiot pals really do want to secure the border – they just don’t want to spend the money to secure it, because it’s… a dumb fence (sayeth the idiot who thinks South Dakota borders Canada).

Let’s put that aside and focus on the fact that this daft bint doesn’t know basic geography! She doesn’t understand that the fact that we have a South Dakota usually means that somewhere there is a North Dakota or a Dakota that is north of South Dakota, and therefore it is unlikely that South Dakota would border Canada.

Just in case Mary Landrieu was wondering, here is South Dakota.


And this is the person who has been elected by the people of Louisiana to represent them in the Senate since 1996.  This is the state that’s got some of the lowest high school graduation rates in the country. That would explain quite a bit.

Of course, her buddy Harry Reid tried to push an amendment classifying Nevada as a border state yesterday, so maybe the definition of a “border state” might be in order here. Hint: It’s not merely a state that has borders.

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  1. They don’t really intend to do anything about the border, other than possibly building some welcome stations to give out EBT cards.


  2. 15 foot high, three foot thick concrete wall from the Gulf to the Pacific. Geophones on both sides


    1. Don’t forget the sharks with laser beams.


        1. And some electric barbed wire.


  3. Land mines. Don’t forget the land mines. Since we’ve caved to the UN and promised not to use them anywhere else, we’ve got lots of them sitting around that aren’t being used and we can use them on our land all we want. Double-rowed fence, with mines in between.

    As for Nevada being a border state, once we kick California out of the union or the Mexicans complete colonizing it, Nevada will be one. Might as well just do it now, but part of the deal is that Harry Reid has to be relocated to the far side of that border. He can move in with Pelosi.


    1. I was thinking mines too. And fully automatic gun mounts. In early development the CIWS had a habit of converting seagulls into pink mist.


  4. Ooops! Even I missed that it’s NORTH Dakota that borders Canada until you pointed it out! (Just cruisin’ along without my thinking cap…)

    How about we let citizens patrol with eeeevil black rifles, and it’s fair game, with emphasis on the three S’s?😉


  5. Try to remember that Louisiana is ALSO the State that once had a guy run for the legislature whose sole platform was, “I hear there’s lots of graft and corruption down in Baton Rouge, and I’d like to get in on it!” Then got elected in a landslide!


    1. Yeah…. Teh Stoopid(tm) is thick in Louisiana.


  6. […] who complained about the variety of enticements that made ObamaCare a reality, such as the bribe to Mary Landrieu and Ben Nelson using our tax dollars, well, this immigration disaster is no […]


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