Today’s Primaries

As anyone who’s been watching TV lately knows from the deluge of political ads, it’s primary day today in the Old Dominion. The Republican Liberty Caucus of Virginia made some endorsements in a few key Republican House challenges to incumbents, namely for Mark Berg, Dave LaRock and Dustin Curtis, which I wholeheartedly support. More here from RLCVA board member Joshua Huffman. I also want to offer some personal endorsements in other select primaries across the state.

First, in the 85th District, it is absolutely critical to support Gary Byler. He’s head and shoulders above his opponents, despite the extremely negative campaign Scott Taylor has waged against him. Gary stands for limited government, and is poised to win. Help him bring it home.

Second, I also want to offer my support to Delegate Todd Gilbert in the 15th District. He’s come under attack from the “Virginia Gun Owners Coalition” the past couple of months, a group I had never heard of before that. VCDL has supported Todd, and he is among the most pro-gun members of the House of Delegates, and also responded to the RLCVA candidate survey with very positive answers. He deserves re-election, and should be supported over his primary challenger.

Last, I want to address the statewide Democratic primaries going on today. I’d urge those participating to support Ralph Northam over Aneesh Chopra, and Justin Fairfax over Mark Herring. To me, those races are more about eliminating the worst candidates more than anything else.


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  1. Ah, another reason to get rid of cable. I’m not bombarded by nausea inducing political ads


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