More Zero Tolerance Asshattery

This time in Edmonds, WA, where kids were suspended for having Nerf guns in school… after a teacher told them it was OK!

A sixth grade boy brought a number of the guns, which shoot small foam projectiles, to school for a class probability project. The kids were going to shoot the guns 100 times to see what happens.

The project was allegedly approved by the teacher. But the 12-year-old boys, being what they are, decided to “try out” the guns before the school doors opened.

“So he took them out and of course — Nerf gun — they started testing how far they would shoot,” said parent Shannon Shumard.

Neither Shumard’s sixth grade son nor her fourth grade daughter brought the Nerf guns to school, but because they participated, both were suspended for a day. Because of the suspensions, neither child will be able to take a high school algebra class or serve on the student council.

To recap, kid brings harmless Nerf guns as a science project.  Kids are kids, so they decide to play with said science project before school started. Kids who participated in the harmless fun get slammed as well as the boy who brought in the evil, terrible, horrible tool of death and destruction childhood fun.

And now, they proceed to ruin the children’s lives by not allowing them to excel academically or participate in student government.


School district spokeswoman Amanda Ralston is a particular douchetard in this incident, claiming that it’s a matter of “safety.”

Really, you twit? A bunch of kids bringing a toy that shoots SOFT projectiles to school for a science project and being… well… kids is somehow a “matter of safety?”

This daft bint sounds like one of our illustrious dipshits in Washington justifying every intrusion into your life, and every infringement on your rights as a “matter of national security.”

Sounds like she’ll be in line to become the next Presidential spokeshole when Carney is finally kicked in the raisins.



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  1. Love how the nanny staters always deny the “slippery slope” argument but invoke it so readily when they need to.
    Toys aren’t allowed because they might lead to real weapons — Like school shootings were such a problem in 50s, 60s, & 70s.


  2. I would have been kicked out of school so fast and so often that I’d have advanced the cause of home schooling by years.


  3. The emasculation of young males by the ‘touchy feely’ progressives is not just an American phenomenon:


  4. Rob,
    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

    Three Year-Old Deaf Boy Told to Change His Name – School Says His Sign Looks Too Much Like a Gun


  5. We have to be careful that the liberal ass hats who are flocking to Florida don’t realize that the state is in the shape of a gun, or they might try and close down ALL the schools here.


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