Good News From Illinois

Not only did the Illinois legislature pass concealed carry today, it did so with a VETO-PROOF, bipartisan vote!

In Illinois? YEAH!

This means that cities like Chicago can no longer make their own laws regarding the banning of certain types of firearms, magazines, etc. This bill would not, however, invalidate all existing local laws as had originally been hoped. It will prevent new laws from being passed at the local level though.

Illinois was forced to enact a concealed carry plan by early June after a court ruling found their lack of any method of public firearms carry to be unconstitutional.

Of course, Illinois being Illinois, I’m sure there will be some onerous requirements to be able to exercise said right: expensive training, fees, fingerprinting… you name it. But still…

I’m pleasantly surprised, Ilinois!


2 responses

  1. “expensive training, fees, fingerprinting” …anal exam, give up your first-born, prima nocte…


  2. Still, if they make the qualifications too onerous, there’s always another lawsuit.


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