Falling Out of Love

First it was Captain Legthrill, declaring to the world that his public love affair with Teh Won has come to an end. Chris Matthews apparently has gotten over his puppy love for Zero, and has crawled back into the closet with his binky and his desiccated, well beaten carcass of Karl Marx to hug.

But it looks like the rest of the presidential media fan base is following suit.

“The Justice Department’s collection of journalists’ phone records and the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups have challenged Obama’s credibility as a champion of civil liberties – and as a president who would heal the country from damage done by his predecessor.” — Washington Post

“…reporters are tripping over themselves to condemn lies, bullying and shadiness in the Obama administration.” — Politico

This isn’t just about press rights. It’s about the right of citizens to know what their government is doing. In an atmosphere of secrecy and punishment – despite the hollow promises of transparency – that’s getting harder every day.”– New York Times

It didn’t take Benghazi. It didn’t take the deaths of four Americans and the subsequent lies. It didn’t take Fast and Furious. It didn’t even take the IRS.

It took a rogue Justice Department violating the sanctity of the First Amendment by trying to get its claws on the phone records of the Associated Press for the media to wake up and quit playing domestic abuse victim to Zero’s wife beater.

Maybe they’ll finally start reporting objectively what is really going on in this administration.


8 responses

  1. Ditto the “nah.” Never seen a skunk lose it’s stripe.


  2. Agreed. Probably wishful thinking, Nicki. These media whores will get over their pique when Obama calls them all in for a “private” meeting and fawns over them a bit.


  3. Maybe so. Personally, I think they’re scared shitless. I’ll really be surprised if enough of ’em grow a pair.


  4. Well finally the pro-1st/anti 2nd folks might actually begin to see why us Constitutionalists don’t trust the government with our rights.


  5. The Mainstream Media are mad this time only because it was THEIR ox that was gored. The other scandals mean nothing to the Mainstream Media, except as a way to make Americans look like knuckle draggers.


  6. The cannibalism has begun…. I’ve got popcorn. And beer.


  7. Granny Grunch

    Wait till the greyhaired wonders of the Hebrew persuasion who always vote democrat learn that their CA,or their renal malfunction,etc, will not be treated because they have reached the age of expendability and will only receive pain management. Now I know why the IRS also received a hefty shipment of arms and ammo. The People will not take too kindly to them pulling the plug on————(Add name)


  8. Will the media continue to scold Obama now that the DOJ is also tapping the phones at Fox news? Smart move from Obama, but that is the Chicago way.


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