Been out of pocket for a while, and haven’t really been in the mood to blog. So much has been going on, that I wasn’t sure how to even begin commenting on things. I keep wondering what the hell is happening to this country, then I want to blog about it, then I really just want to go out and choke the shit out of the first person I see, and then I just curl up in bed and watch SVU reruns.

Don’t judge me. That’s how I deal.

So I figured I’d catch you up on my views about what is going on lately.

1.  Benghazi: there’s not too much I can say about it, frankly. There have been lies told. There have been witnesses intimidated. The now infamous talking points were redacted to such a degree, that they said nothing at all. No mention of attacks. No mention of threats. No mention of al Q’aida. Nothing. Why is this important? Because four Americans died. Because they died even as this administration claimed Libya was all fabulous thanks to our involvement and the removal of Qaddafi. Security wasn’t what it should have been, apparently, given the threat level. Why? Maybe because the party line about having defeated al Q’aida and about how useful and good our involvement in Libya was was threatened by actual events. Yes, a lot more Americans die in Chicago on any given day, but you know what? It’s important. The truth always is.

2 . IRS targeting specific groups. This is so reprehensible, I don’t even know how to begin to address it. This is not the first time, and it’s not new. But this is the first time the IRS actually admitted it. Publicly. Brazenly. Also, I can’t help but think that at no time did the IRS have more technology and power than it does now. Targeting groups opposed to the government? This is exactly what the First Amendment is supposed to protect against – the right to speak out against the government. They’re in violation. Deep violation. Someone needs to be held accountable, and Eric Holder is not impartial or competent enough to do it.

3. Government’s grabbing phone records of the Associated Press. Not only does this administration have absolutely no respect for the Second Amendment, it’s now apparently going after the First – not just in its use of the IRS to target groups who oppose the government, but also in this unprecedented intrusion. From what I hear Holder is claiming this was a matter of national security, which is the catch-all phrase petty, pathetic tyrants use when they try to destroy your rights. And then he recused himself, claiming he knew nothing about it. So which was it? According to Justice Department regulations, subpoenas of this kind have to be signed by the Attorney General. Why did this not happen?

It is quite obvious that this administration has absolutely no respect for the Law of the Land, and no respect for individual rights. Again and again we see efforts to destroy the Second Amendment, as well as infringements on the First Amendment and continued lies to the American people.

I’m sick of it.

Aren’t you?

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  1. We’ve been so saturated with lies, tangential mumbling and,, deafening silence to questions of relevant concerns,, ‘not sure what to say either..
    Maybe just,, we are all Brietbart.


  2. Sick of it. Yes.

    What is “SVU”?


    1. Law and Order Special Victims Unit. LOL


  3. Don’t forget Fast and Furious.


    1. I wouldn’t. I was referring to the new stuff.


  4. You know what I’m sick of Nicki? The apathetic American public. I started a petition at Whitehouse.gov, demanding an independent consul to investigate Benghazi .. do you think anyone would sign it? … I see all kinds of crap on FB, people nailing this Administration .. do think one would spend the 3 mins it takes to sign it ?? True Americans are far and few I’m afraid …


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  6. The other day I had considered stopping blogging. Meanwhile, the politically correct powers to be are still looking for the reason the Boston bombers did what they did. Are the people in charge this dull? This has become like a cartoon that isn’t funny.

    America used to have the apple…now we have the core.



    1. The only thing that’s keeping me blogging is the fact that writing is actually making me feel better. Sort of.


  7. And…..these are just the three most recent abuses. We’re not even counting the ACORN debacle or the illegal Fast & Furious insanity and its Executive Privilege to hide behind and cover up the crap like a cat in a litter box. (Apologies to cats everywhere.)


  8. Publius Redux


    I totally hear ya. It is overwhelming at times and so difficult to sort through the lies and rumors and latest this or that.

    You watch SVU. I watch Chopped.


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