Reports of Its Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

For those of you who thought you were safe from the politicians trying to relieve you of your Second Amendment rights, I have one thing to say:  not so fast, Sparky!

First, according to Uncle Joe, they have to tongue bathe the collective anuses of the illegal aliens prior to the 2014 Congressional elections, so they will force “immigration reform” (read: amnesty and a road to citizenship for millions of illegals whose first act in a country they claim to love and respect was to violate said country’s immigration laws) down our collective throats first, then regroup, and then continue their assault on the Bill of Rights.

The vice president’s words mark the first time the White House has revealed a timeline that has been widely discussed among gun control advocates and senior aides to senators who are pushing background checks.

“He doesn’t think it will come back before they’ve made some pretty good steps on immigration,” said Sister Marjorie Clark, a lobbyist for Network, the Catholic social justice organization. “He said, ‘I don’t think it will happen before immigration but it will come back.’”

The timeline adds to Biden’s Thursday revelation that he plans to travel the country to push the White House gun control agenda. Then, in a meeting with representatives of law enforcement organizations, Biden said he planned extensive travel to states where senators voted against background checks and said he would take an active role in tweaking the legislation to win more votes.

Here’s the problem I have with this immigration reform. Several, actually.

  1. Amnesty has been tried before and was a miserable fail.
  2. I have a problem with rewarding lawbreakers.
  3. It’s not fair to the folks who have been waiting patiently to enter this nation legally.
  4. We need highly educated, skilled workers. That’s not who is going to be given amnesty, for the most part.
  5. Security. Security. Security.
  6. And also… imagine this scenario:  We allow anyone who wants to stay to remain here and legalize them.  These are generally people who work for low wages, but whose salaries are way higher than what they would have ever gotten back home, which is part of the reason why they all came here to begin with. All of a sudden, they’re legally here, and the politicians now have more ammo to raise the minimum wage, increase benefits, etc. “Why just look at these poor people! They’re working for practically nothing! Their salaries are soooooooo low! We must raise their standards of living! Vote for us, recently legalized immigrants, and we’ll make sure you get even higher salaries! There are way too many impoverished immigrants in this country. We need to do something to raise their pay.”   Sorry, but that’s a no-go for me.  Libertarians will get exactly what they ask for when they advocate just allowing these people to stay – a whole new voting base to vote themselves benefits out of the public coffers. No thanks!

But anyway – back to my original point…

Gun control isn’t dead. Not even close.

Expect the “90 percent of Americans support background checks” lie to get resurrected. Expect more pressure brought on by Bloomberg money on legislators who actually respect the Constitution. Expect more assaults on your rights. Are you ready?


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  1. Mark A. Taff

    I don’t have any problem giving them amnesty* or a path to citizenship, so long as it means they have to leave the country then follow the same process as everyone else that chooses legal immigration (taking their place at the back of the line), with exceptions for bona-fide asylum cases. If they get caught here illegally, they should be deported and permanently barred from immigrating to the U.S.

    There are a lot more important categories of people we should let in than just ‘poor’ people or those geographically close to the US. Like most anyone from North Korea. Or perhaps any female from a country with Sharia law.

    *amnesty should mean we won’t punish you for past infractions, not that we not only aren’t going to punish you, but we are also going to legalize your status.


    1. This whole mess is the “brainchild” of none other than Teddy Kennedy, who, back in the 1960’s(!) got a law passed placing the emphasis on immigration with 3rd world countries instead of our traditional European, Asian and Australian sources, from which we picked and chose the best and brightest. He SAID it was for “compassionate” reasons. What it was actually for, was to start the slow process of turning us into a nanny-state, guaranteed to leave Democrats in political power for decades.


  2. Gun control will not be dead until every last advocate for gun control is dead.


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