Zero Tolerance Ruins the Life of a Good Kid… Again (UPDATED)

How many of these inane Zero Tolerance Sense stories have we heard about? Kids being suspended for bringing a butter knife to school to eat their lunch, punished for mocking a gun with their fingers, disciplined for wielding chicken tenders in a menacing manner, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseam.

Well, John Pierce tells us about yet another example of a good kid – an honors student – a boy scout – whose life is being ruined by his school system’s ignorant, hypocritical, imbecilic, zero tolerance sense policy.

I would like for you to meet Cole Withrow. In addition to being an Eagle Scout, Cole is an honors student and high school senior in Johnson County North Carolina … at least he was until recently.

Now, he is charged with a felony, expelled from school weeks before graduation, and sees his college plans crumbling since he will not be allowed to graduate.

What heinous act could possibly see a child being expelled and charged with a felony? Did he accidentally eat his corn muffin into the shape of a firearm?

No. This kid went skeet shooting over the weekend, unintentionally left his shotgun in his car, realized what he did while on school property, secured his firearm and called his mom to come pick it up. He threatened no one, and he told no one about it. Simply called his mom and discretely asked her to come remove the object.

Unfortunately, in this post-Newtown era, any act of possessing an evil firearm will be punished most rigorously – no threat or actual display of a firearm required. Apparently someone overheard Cole on the phone with his mom and reported him.

And now, this kid’s future is threatened by a bunch of overzealous, panty-soiling, ignorant publik skool administrators.

But wait… they’re not just pusillanimous and capricious. They’re also hypocritical. Much like the DC police who punished a veteran for inadvertently leaving some ammunition rounds in his bag, while tongue-bathing media maggot David Gregory’s anus after he knowingly displayed an outlawed high-capacity magazine on his show in DC, the duplicitous, traitorous school administrators are protecting one of their own from repercussions of an even more “egregious” act.

To illustrate the hypocrisy even further, it has been noted that two years ago, Cole’s assistant Principal Catherine Bennett brought a gun in her car onto school campus. To make matters worse, her car was being worked on by the auto mechanics class and the gun was found by students who handed it around before hiding it under the fender of the car.

So Cole will be joining Bennett in prison? Nope. Bennett did not face criminal charges because she said that she did not know the gun was in the car.

School officials claim that this is because the law is different for students and for teachers – kind of like the law is different for media maggots and for regular folks in DC, I guess. That’s a pretty specious argument. Since when are laws different when it comes to exercise of basic rights for different classes of citizens? Isn’t there, like, a constitutional thingy… some kind of equal protection under the law thingy?

Look, folks. I fully understand the need to keep schools safe. I fully understand the need to report suspicious activity within reason.

But this snitchery smacks of the USSR in all its former glory!

If you want to help Cole, I would suggest polite, strongly-worded letters to the contacts below, as well as petitions and shares of this post.

  1. Contact the Johnson County School Board and let them know what you think of their actions.
  2. Contact the Johnston County DA Susan Doyle via email or telephone (919) 209-5521 and ask her to immediately drop the charges against Cole.
  3. Sign this petition that is going to the School Board.
  4. Sign this petition to the Governor.
  5. Keep up with the #FreeCole campaign at their Facebook page.

And thank you to John Pierce for bringing this to my attention!

UPDATE: WDBJ reports that Liberty University has offered Cole a full scholarship. At least his life won’t be destroyed by the actions of the shitguzzling cowards that are his school administrators! Kudos to Liberty U!

Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. heard about Withrow’s situation while watching the evening news. Withrow was wearing a Liberty University shirt during the story, so Falwell decided to look into the situation more, according to the news release. Falwell then learned that Withrow’s sister is a Liberty University graduate.

“When I reached out to encourage this responsible and impressive young man, I learned that he wanted to go to Liberty University, but couldn’t afford it. I told him that we would do whatever he needed so that he can attend Liberty,” Falwell wrote in the news release. “Anti-gun zealots tried to vilify him for doing the right thing, so Liberty has decided to award him the help he needs to attend a private Christian college. I was really impressed with Cole. He is a humble and meek Christian kid who only wants to do the right thing! We want students like Cole Withrow.” graduate.


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  1. Actually the laws here in NC are quite clear w/ regard to firearms and schools. The assistant principles escape from prosecution is due solely to the likely fact authorities were not notified. A most unfortunate situation for this youth, I fear things will now need to follow there natural course. I will reach out to the DA, but expect the worse.


    1. Easy with the links. That many of them land you in the spam filter. Luckily I check the filter before deleting the lot. 🙂


    2. I remember when firearm training was part of school curriculum. I had a 22 in my hands when I was 8


  2. Same here. I learned to shoot at the YMCA in downtown Indianapolis, and used to keep my shotgun in my school locker so I could hunt my way home during hunting season.


  3. Has anyone contacted their congress person, I know they are not to be trusted but in a situation that is becoming so publicized I would expect one of them to play the white knight riding in and rescuing this kid.


  4. Blurg.

    I swear…what the fuck is wrong with these people? No, seriously. Are they mentally-challenged? Didn’t their fathers love them? Didn’t their mothers breast-feed them long enough? What is it, what, WHAT!!?

    Friends don’t let friends be liberals.


  5. I remember a time before there was a law against open carry in Florida. Janet ‘waco’ Reno fixed that in 1987. No wonder Slick Willie liked her so much.

    Here is a quote from her:

    “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms is the goal.”

    Janet Reno-U.S. Attorney General-10 Dec 1993

    For more stupid $hit from dumbass politicians and their lackeys, go here:


    1. TAH is all over this one.


  6. Reblogged this on That Mr. G Guy's Blog and commented:
    This story does have a somewhat happy ending. The only thing that could make it better is if the dumbass school administrator was fired for lack of common sense.


  7. LadyRavenSDC

    Reblogged this on LadyRaven's Whisky In A Jar – OH! and commented:
    Reblogging regardless of what looks to be a good ending. The story needs to be told.


    1. I agree, and thank you! Hopefully a slew of phone calls and emails to these administrators and state legislators will have an effect!


  8. […] Zero Tolerance Ruins the Life of a Good Kid… Again (UPDATED) […]


  9. While I would like to think that expressing our outrage over this silly situation would send a wake up call to the scool administrators, I believe all it will really do is re-inforce their position. These liberal assclowns already think they know better than we – what is good for us- just ask them sometime.


    1. True, but they’re also deathly afraid of media attention and the kind of backlash they have received. They really are cowards in every conceivable way.


  10. Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    It would appear that the wheel has properly turned, but if you wish to keep on the pressure feel absolutely free to keep hammering. With any luck, we can get the stupid bitch playing FSB informant fired.


  11. when i was a kid i found that there were not too many problems that could not be solved with mr. rock to the squash or wind shield.


    1. So how was reform school?

      Please don’t be on my side.


        1. I think Larry was responding the the suggestion of violent retaliation by Bruce, Nicki.


        2. Oh! I got way confused. It’s not in order on my phone! LOL


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