More Gun Manufacturers Giving States That Vilify Them the Finger, Taking Jobs Elsewhere

After the Sandy Hook massacre, a number of states began passing onerous gun control laws that violate the rights of law-abiding citizens, while doing nothing to actually stop violence. I reported earlier that a growing list of gun manufacturers were refusing to do business with any government entity in any state that infringes on the people’s right to keep and bear arms. Now several gun manufacturers are bidding their home states adieu.

In Connecticut, where venerable gunmakers like Colt and Sturm, Ruger & Co. have been joined in the last decade or so by upstarts like Stag Arms and PTR, reform of gun laws in the wake of the Sandy Hook school shootings has left the industry feeling unwelcome. Bristol-based high-end rifle manufacturer PTR Industries announced this month via Facebook that it would be taking its 40 jobs and $50,000 weekly payroll to an unspecified new state, widely believed to be Texas.


AR-15 manufacturer Stag Arms could soon follow suit, along with Colt’s Manufacturing and Mossberg & Sons. The moves could cost the Nutmeg State 3,000 jobs as well as the estimated $1.75 billion in annual taxable revenues.


In March, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed bills that would require background checks for private and online gun sales and ban ammunition magazines that hold more than 15 rounds

Magpul Industries, which manufactures firearms accessories and ammunition magazines, said on its Facebook page that it would have “no choice” but to leave if the magazine bill was signed, causing an opening for states eager to prove they’re more gun-friendly.

Magpul employs more than 200 people and generates about $85 million in annual taxable revenues.

Take these states by the nuggets. Hit them where it hurts most – in their wallets. Let them live with the financial consequences of their bad laws.

Let them see hundreds of their residents out of work and a decrease in tax revenues.

They deserve it.


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  1. In Ct it’s even worse than reported. There are many other smaller mfg’ers that will just probably dry up and blow away in the wind. I’ve never been more ashamed of my state and it’s representation than this year. I have land in FL and I’m looking in NH for this very reason. CT is a friggin disaster!


  2. By saying, “They deserve it”, you mean the anti-gunner liberals, right? Cuz there are those of us who have been fighting tooth and nail, but basically got our asses kicked by politicians. I hope your opinion of CT has a leniency for those of us who are not trying to destroy it.


    1. I mean the shitbags who pass these laws. And the dimwits who elect and reelect them. The rest of you caught in the crossfire, as it were, I feel bad for you guys. But the majority elected these douchetards, and I hope they are damned for it.


    2. Nicki,

      Thank you for clarifying. I had a bit of a dust-up with an online jackass who felt that I and my kind, those fighting for our gun rights, simply rolled over and let the libs steamroll us, implying we weren’t trying hard enough. Hence, he believed we should all be punished, all of CT, and I called him on it.

      I figured you weren’t laying such an asinine blanket statement out there, and I wanted to make sure. Thanks! It’s times like this that we are licking our wounds here in CT, to be sure, but we are far from beaten. Support from others, in other States, is needed, and when people in other States play the role of the morally superior it pisses us off here in CT. (You didn’t do that…I am merely ranting now!)

      You rock it, Nicki.


  3. On Mon, 29 Apr 2013 21:14:20 -0400, The Liberty Zone wrote: >


  4. Back in Feb I stated this in a commentary:

    “Of course, with all their recent draconian laws that they are pushing through against the will of the people, many of their firearms manufacturers are talking about moving to a more gun friendly state, taking their jobs and the taxes that they pay to those states with them. Hopefully they will be bringing their businesses to Florida aka the Gunshine State where they will be welcomed. Hell, we’ll even greet them at the border with fresh squeezed orange juice, some suntan lotion, and a couple of beach chairs. Maybe we can convince them to bring along some of the ammo manufacturers with them as well, as a kind of a package deal.”


  5. May I also suggest Oklahoma? A right-to-work State with low taxes, mostly GOP politicians (not that that’s all that advantageous any longer with so many RINOs running around), low cost of living and very much a pro-gun State?


  6. Nicki, (sorry, off-topic!)

    Benghazi whistle-blowers threatened by White House officials before they go to Congress. Does this have legs or not?


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