More on “LTC” Royston Potter

TSO at This Ain’t Hell did a phenomenal job finding this tool yesterday, and partially exposing his Stolen Valor douchery in public. After several email conversations and yet more digging, our intrepid veteran reporter/lawyer/all around cool guy with a disturbing beard has unearthed yet more.

Apparently, in the middle of all his Sooper Seekrit Squirrel activities in the military, Potter managed to also get booted from the Murray City, UT police force for polygamy, and file suit challenging Utah’s proscription against polygamy.

In this suit the plaintiff-appellant Royston E. Potter (plaintiff) challenges Utah’s proscription against polygamy or plural marriage.1 His principal claim is that the termination of his employment as a city police officer for the practice of plural marriage violated his rights to the free exercise of his religion and his right to privacy. On cross-motions for summary judgment, the district court ruled in favor of defendants, explaining its reasoning in a scholarly opinion. Potter v. Murray City, 585 F.Supp. 1126 (D.Utah 1984). Plaintiff appeals.

Plaintiff is a former police officer of Murray City, Utah. The City terminated plaintiff’s employment after it was learned that he practiced plural marriage. The basis for the discharge was that by his plural marriage plaintiff failed to support, obey and defend Article III of the Constitution of the State of Utah.

You’ve got to read the rest! It’s pure comedy gold, and I won’t steal TSO’s thunder by posting the entire thing here. I will, however, whet your appetite by quoting TSO in the following manner:

Crazy people are a dime a dozen, I get that. But crazy people who have amassed in excess of 500,000 page views on a Youtube video discussing how the Federal Gov’t, and especially our Special Operations Brothers killed innocent people and then framed two innocent Chechens deserves attention. Even that wouldn’t be worthy, except, as you note here on this video with 385,484 views, he is being billed as “A retired Lieutenant Colonel in the Army.” He’s a primary source for the lunatics at both Veterans Today, and Infowars.

Go. Read. Enjoy. Revel in the crazy. Confront him. Make this shitbag go away!

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  1. Well you already know he is slightly imbalanced.

    After all, one wife is a considerable challenge. Two or more, he is a glutton for punishment.😉


  2. Screwballs are a dime a dozen. I remember the former Minnesota governor claiming that the WTC 9/11 incident HAD to be an “inside job” because, and I quote, “The towers fell at the rate of gravity,” whatever the hell THAT means.


  3. I really don’t care about anyone’s marriage customs, as long as all involved are consenting adults. He should have been fired simply under the “Don’t Be A Fucktard” rule, written or un-written. And you’ve got to be a special kind of fucktard to get fired from the Murray City force, according to my relatives in the area. OMMV…. 8>)


    1. I don’t care if he chooses to marry one or 70. As long as he’s not living off society or abusing his wives and children. I’m more pissed off that this tool is impugning the reputations of our military, intelligence and law enforcement and accusing them of something so incredibly heinous! Disgusting.


  4. Nice work, Nicki. What an asshole!


    1. Not my work, sir. Just pointing out the work of some good people.🙂


  5. Totally unrelated, but amusing.
    I saw this and thought of you. Not because you are a “sorority girl”, no, but because I could see you emailing this kind of harsh truth to stupid people. Once you read it, you’ll hopefully agree.😉


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