I’m Speechless

And if you know me, this does not happen very often.

TSO at This Ain’t Hell has exposed a fruitcake of the highest order. Normally, he would be only mildly amusing, but this dude is being hailed as an “expert” by Alex Jones and the squirrel shit crew at Infowars in their quest to uncover a “false flag” operation behind the Boston Marathon bombings.

This particular douchestick not only claims 28 years in the military, but also confirms that there’s no record of his service, because he’s all Sooper Sekrit Squirrel and shit…


And – to add to the douchery, he’s also some kind of expert on Jesus, who claims Jesus had a twin. So not only is the Boston Bombing a conspiracy, but there’s also a Christian conspiracy to hide Jesus’ twin brother Jose or something.

I don’t know about you all, but I’m stunned.

I’m also repulsed at Infowars (not news) and this fuckstick for continuing to hammer this ridiculous government conspiracy theory. I don’t know if they’re all crazy, or just desperate for attention, but it needs to stop.

Do go over to This Ain’t Hell and read the rest. It’s… um… wow.


4 responses

  1. Saw where a FOIA request made. That will be a good read.


    1. I nearly wet myself watching his video!!!


  2. “I was in Special Forces and the CIA and Delta Force and the Navy SEALs and the Secret Service calls me daily for tips and advice and I worked alongside Israel’s leaders to help them stop the Palestinians and I speak Mandarin, Russian, Arabic, and a little Esperanto, and Jeeeezus has a twin named Jeeebus, who is lesser known but just as Holy and you do know that the money in your pocket has transmitters in it that are tracking your every move- don’t take your wallet into the bathroom- and that the government has been steadily putting mind-control drugs in the public water reservoirs of our States for years and years!!!!!”….said no one who was fucking sane, ever.


  3. […] at This Ain’t Hell did a phenomenal job finding this tool yesterday, and partially exposing his Stolen Valor douchery in public. After several email […]


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