Here’s a Newtown Parent Who Probably Did Not Get a Ride On Air Force One

While the focus has been on Newtown families who are being used as props by unscrupulous politicians exploiting the Sandy Hook massacre, no one is talking about these courageous folks, who are standing up for Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

They are tired of politicians using the tragedy in their town to promote their political agenda.

They are tired of innocent people being punished for the actions of lunatics and criminals.

They are speaking out, letting you know that not all Newtown families are willing to be used to further the tyrannical agenda of the gun banners.



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  1. I see the media is jumping on this story and placing it at the top of the news…..or not.


  2. Nicki,

    Living here next to Newtown, in Bethel, CT, I hear a lot of chatter from the Democrats that Newtown needs to heal and be healed and so on and so on. Now, understand, I am all for healing, tis true. But how can any wound heal when someone keeps picking at the scab and re-exposing it for the benefit of political agenda?

    Newtown will never be known as anything other than, “that town where those kids were shot in school”, thanks to the efforts and manipulations of the anti-gun cultist Democrats. Those of us with actual common sense and the fortitude of a strong heart merely shake our heads, saddened moreso because these families are allowing themselves to be used like diapers. Such a shame.

    Right now it is being debated on what to do with the Sandy Hook school itself. Some folks want it turned into a shrine for the dead, and others want it demolished and have a new school built atop the old.

    If they really want closure, they should torch the house where Lanza lived. And then atop that wreckage, build their shrine to the dead. That would be more appropriate.


  3. How soon till the left refers to Mr. Stevens an unwitting prop for the right?


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