Hypocrite Uncle Fester lookalike brags about gun control

According to The Hill, “Mark Kelly, the husband of former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), said Sunday that passing expanded background checks would be a ‘huge success’ for gun-control advocates and that his wife was ‘reenergized’ about heading to Washington next week to lobby lawmakers.

I’m completely disgusted with his use of his wounded wife as a prop for his political agenda! She’s not an organ grinder’s monkey, Mark! She’s a human being, who was harmed by a psycho, and you’re using her much like Sarah Brady uses her spouse to push an odious, rights-destroying agenda.

Of course, expanding background checks would be a “huge success” for you blood-sucking leeches! By forcing private sellers to use FFLs to conduct background checks on single, private transactions, you will put an unnecessary burden on FFLs, increase the costs for individuals and succeed in essentially outlawing private firearms purchases! And that’s exactly what you want.

Giffords have been vocal advocates for gun control since she was shot in the head at a constituent event in 2011.

Of course that didn’t stop Kelly from hypocritically attempting to purchase an AR-15 – the very “assault” weapon he’s working on banning – and then lying about the purchase.

Kelly said his wife was “now reenergized you know by being involved in something that will improve people’s lives.”

I’m curious how infringing on the rights of Americans, making it more difficult and costly to make a constitutionally protected purchase, and likely infringing on their privacy rights is “improving people’s lives,” but then again, many of us don’t live in nice, cushy dream worlds.

Kelly also praised the families of victims of the Newtown Conn. mass shooting, who headed to Washington this week to personally lobby lawmakers.

“Statistics are one thing, but real people meeting in a congressman or congresswoman’s office, it’s a real connection to how violence, gun violence in particular, affects people in our country,” he said.

“I think it’s incredibly impactful, I hope they get the opportunity to meet every member of Congress before we come up on these votes.”

And it will be more costly and inconvenient to exercise your rights if this bill passes!

Under current law, background checks are required for sales only by licensed retailers. The director of the top trade group for gun retailers said expanding checks to include Internet and gun show purchases will drive up prices and push business to federally licensed firearms retailers, who in many cases will perform the checks for private sellers.

“You’re going to have a lot more people paying a lot more money,” said Andrew Molchan, director of the Florida-based Professional Gun Retailers Association Inc.

If background checks are required for all sales, he said, federal licensees could effectively corner the market, set their own transaction fees and pass the costs on to consumers.

Not only does this hypocritical douchesack trot his wounded wife out for all to see, as he stumps for a tyrannical agenda on his way to running for public office, but he props up families who have lost children in Newtown, as if their views and votes should count more than anyone else’s.

I wonder if trotting out the millions of people who have defended themselves with firearms for the Congressleeches to examine like museum pieces – thousands… hell… probably millions who have protected their loved ones and themselves – and probably scores more who have been persecuted for their defensive use of firearms by statist shitbrains – would make their opinion count more? Probably not. They’re not tragedies. Lives have been saved. Therefore, the emotion factor is just not as strong.

It makes me sick that somehow the voices of people who have experienced a tragedy like losing a loved one count more than those of us who managed to survive encounters with violent thugs. I’m sickened that the voice of the would-be rape victim who successfully defended herself doesn’t resonate as loudly as the voice of the parent who lost a child. Do we really have to be raped, killed or otherwise victimized for legislators to listen to us?

Maybe had this woman been able to carry a defensive tool, she would still have been alive and her little girl wouldn’t have been raped by this scumbag who cut the electronic monitoring device off his ankle and destroyed them.

But that doesn’t matter to Kelly, who apparently sees gun control and his injured wife as political tools to get him into public office.

Being victims of tragedy shouldn’t give people more pull. We’re a nation of equals… or we’re supposed to be.


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  1. True, Nicki. For the same reason that ALL Democrat proposals are designed to appeal to the EMOTIONS instead of the INTELLECT, which is the reason the left has developed a school system that teaches emotionalism instead of how to think logically. Take a look at some of the ASPCA’s PSAs these days. Picture after picture of cute, furry little dogs and cats looking pitifully into the camera–virtually without narration–followed by a pitch for donations.


  2. And,lets not forget…………if it saves the life of one child, fill in the deadly pool in the back yard


  3. I still cannot believe that this little troll Kelly was ever an Astronaut. He has become a leech on the body politic like all leftist.


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