Boston Explosions (UPDATED)

I won’t comment too much about the Boston explosions. All we know at this point is that two blasts rocked the Boston Marathon today, injuring dozens of people.

We also know that there was a third explosion at the JFK library in Dorchester.

We know there were limbs and other extremities torn off, and a suspect has been detained.

I will post more as I find out more.

My thoughts are with Boston today.

UPDATE: despite initial reports that CNN’s Wolf Blitzer linked the TEA Party to the explosions, he didn’t exactly do that.

Here’s what he said.

It’s a state holiday in Massachusetts today called Patriots Day, and who knows if that had anything to do with these explosions.

UPDATE #2: CNN has casualty count at three dead and 144 injured. The three include an 8 year old child.

Investigators are classifying this as an act of terrorism – something that was obvious to all of us as we watched the footage.

Federal and local investigators — including bomb technicians — searched an apartment in nearby Revere, the city’s fire department posted on Facebook early Tuesday. The search took place by consent, according to a federal law enforcement source, meaning no search warrant was needed.

But authorities have not officially linked the search to the marathon bombings.

A federal law enforcement official said both bombs were small, and initial tests showed no C-4 or other high-grade explosive, suggesting that the packages used in the attack were crude.

UPDATE #3: Supposedly there was a “person of interest” in custody at a Boston hospital – a Saudi national.

The potential suspect told police he had dinner Sunday night near Boston’s Prudential Center, about half a mile from the blast site, the sources said.

He also said that he went to the Copley Square area yesterday to witness the finish of the race.

The sources said that, after the man was grabbed by police, he smelled of gunpowder and declared, “I thought there would be a second bomb.”

He also asked: “Did anyone die?”

UPDATE #4: Authorities searched an apartment in Revere and removed several bags filled with stuff.


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  1. Fox is reporting that they have a Saudi citizen in custody with schrapnel wounds and they believe he may be a perp and not a victim.


  2. An act of cowardice, they’re brave enough to kill innocent civilians but don’t have the balls to face soldiers? Also these fools don’t realize that acts like this don’t intimidate or divide us as Americans: It galvanizes us. Son of a bitch must pay.


  3. As usual Gun Shy has an opinion. They should put the heads of the perpetrators in Harvard Square as a reminder to future terrorists:

    I can’t wait to hear Holder and Napolitano’s comments on the matter.


  4. Speaking of Holder, ‘Uncle Jimbo’ has an opinion that he would like to share:


  5. He didn’t say it in so many words, but it struck me as an example of paralepsis.


    1. Considering it’s tax day, it’s not completely unreasonable to mention it. I would have just kept my yap shut until I got more info. But…


      1. Obama just came on TV to “promise” that those responsible will “feel the full weight of justice.” Isn’t that almost exactly what he said about those who attacked our facilities in Benghazi and killed our ambassador?


  6. Remember when the civilian in NYC spotted the bomber in NYC and it was diffused, and then Napolitano came on TV and stated “the system worked”. Gun Shy can’t wait to see what her and Holder will say this time. Those two say the darndest things.


  7. If the religion of peace isn’t involved, I’ll be way, way beyond shocked.


  8. An Australian newspaper stated that the police have video footage of the backpacks being placed in trash cans. As usual, the controlled media here is giving us almost nothing.


  9. Remember all the misinformation being put out there after Sandy Hook? Yep.

    I have passed on what I have been reading, but now I will simply watch and wait. Too many variables at play here.

    My personal theory is…a matter of personal privacy. But let’s just say I don’t believe that Saudi national being questioned did it at this time.


  10. This is typical, Islamic terrorism. Here in Oklahoma City, we STILL believe that Islamics had a part in the Murrah Building bombings in 1995! McVeigh was recently back from the Middle East and his co-hort was married to a Muslim woman from the Philippines and had recently visited there. The owner of the store that sold the fertilizer STILL maintains that the so-far-unidentified “John Doe #2” had a “middle-eastern look about him.” There are too many such connections to be “coincidence.”


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