New York’s SAFE Act – destroying the rights of law abiding citizens one at a time

After the slaughter at Newtown, some states rushed to enact strict gun control laws with much fanfare and claims that their latest infringements will stop another massacre.

We want to keep guns out of the hands of the violent and the mentally unstable, right?

We want to stop the wholesale slaughter of our children, right?


A permit holder and gun owner in New York recently found out he had lost his right to keep and bear arms.

By mail.

With no warning or adjudication of mental instability.


Because he once took medication for anxiety. The State Police sent him a simple little letter.

“Claiming that he had taken some psychotropic medications, and that he no longer could be eligible for the pistol permit,”


The permit holder lives in Amherst and [his lawyer] accompanied the man as he turned in his seven handguns used for target-shooting to Amherst Police.

“A law-abiding, honest, hard working professional, who never had one wit of scandal associated with him, criminal or otherwise. And they took his guns away,” Tresmond said.

Tresmond is one of the attorneys already suing the state over passage of the SAFE ACT, which at the time was the toughest gun control law in the country.

Tresmond says his client once took a prescribed medication for his anxiety but he is not mentally ill. The Amherst man ended his prescription use within the last year.

I have to pose a few questions given the information provided in the story.

How did New York State Police find out this man took medication? Did they delve into his medical records? Did they check his pharmacy? Did they cross check the names of registered gun owners with pharmacy records? Did they violate doctor-patient confidentiality? Did they have any cause to investigate this particular man? And how is forcing him to turn in his property at the point of a government gun without any adjudication of guilt or mental incompetence and without due process not a violation of his constitutional rights?

Apparently state law permits the suspension of a gun permit before the permit holder even gets a chance to state his or her case.

Removal of rights without any wrongdoing.

This is what the petty tyrant Cuomo wanted when he screeched about there being no need for a 10-round magazine to hunt deer.

This is what he wanted when he speechefied about safety and proudly signed into law some of the most odious, right-destroying legislation in the nation.

He wanted everyone (except his armed security) disarmed and helpless, and when the thugs continue to victimize the innocent, he and his boot licking despots in the state legislature will pass more laws to make themselves look useful in the eyes if the idiots who elect them.

They’re creating more work for themselves, painting themselves as crime-fighting heroes, even as they subjugate the very people from whom their power stems.

This is what your gun control laws will ultimately do, hoplophobes.

And when you scream that your other rights are being violated, there will be no one left out there with the will and the tools to defend what’s left of those rights.


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  1. New York, along with their fellow Yankee idiots in Connecticut, needs to be expelled from the United States.


    1. And Maryland. And Illinois. And California. And Massachusetts. Shall I continue?


  2. …and so it begins. The push to make sure there is an unarmed citizenry is made manifest. No more pretense. No more speculation.

    It’s here. Now.

    Long live The Republic.


  3. This is what happens when you tolerate violating the constitution for any reason. When it says only gold and silver can be used for money, IT MEANS THAT. Even if paper money printed by a banking cartel can make congressmen rich. Commerce Clause? It means no roadblocks between the states, not permission to regulate everything in sight.

    Second Amendment? What part of NOT BE INFRINGED is difficult to understand?

    We need a NO TOLERATION policy for Gun Control.


    1. We deserve what we tolerate.

      Just sayin’.


  4. Methinks that the medical profession is passively, if not eagerly, cooperating with Govna Cuomo’s grand gun-grab scheme.

    But then again, the medical establishment in Nazi Germany also went along with Hitler’s game plan. Mengele did not act alone.


  5. Nicki,

    More NY madness. This is getting insane. Something is about to break, and it won’t be pretty.


    1. Yeah, I saw this one last week, I think it was. Teh Stooopid is thick in NY.


    2. “The stoopid is strong with this one.”
      ~Darth Vader speaking of any Democrat


  6. Someone that had a beef with the guy probably turned him in for the $500.00 stoolie reward.

    Ever see the movie Red Dawn, where the mayor is happy to help the communists who have taken over no matter who he sells out as long as he can keep his creature comforts ? I would dare say that is most of the politicians we have today. Many Americans have become so weak, self centered, and entitled. Very sad


  7. Do you know how many policepeople,because of the job stress,have taken meds which are on that “take our guns” list? Many more than people realize. What is Albany going to do about those gun carrying people who have been prescribed such drugs and are enforcing the law of the land? You don’t think They will try to hide the names of those people,do you??


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