Law Abiding Citizens Forced to Pay for Criminal Acts of Others

It is a well known fact that criminals do not purchase guns legally. They do not go to stores. They do not undergo background investigations. They do not fill out necessary paperwork. They purchase cheap, throwaway guns, steal them, or obtain them from friends or family.

A Bureau of Justice Statistics publication from 2001 confirmed that among state inmates possessing a gun, fewer than 2% bought their firearm at a flea market or gun show, about 12% from a retail store or pawnshop, and 80% from family, friends, a street buy, or an illegal source. A more recent BJS study showed that from 2005 through 2010, 86% of burglaries and 75% of other property crimes involving a stolen firearm were reported to police.

In other words, most of the guns used to commit crimes have not been purchased legally.

But, that won’t stop some state legislators from penalizing the innocent for the acts of the guilty.

Cook County, Ill., this month began collecting a $25 tax on gun purchases, and at least six states are considering new taxes on firearms or ammunition as a way to help pay for the consequences of gun violence.

The Cook County tax applies to purchases in Chicago’s suburbs, but not the city. The tax is expected to raise $600,000 a year, which will help pay for indigent gunshot victims’ medical care at county-run Stroger Hospital.

Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, a Democrat, says 30% of the hospital’s trauma patients have gunshot wounds and it costs about $52,000 for initial treatment for each. The tax won’t necessarily serve as a deterrent to gun buyers, she says, but “it’s an acknowledgment that we as a society pay a terrible price for the proliferation of guns.”

Innocent people being forced to pay for the actions of criminals. The Demotard admits the tax probably won’t stop legitimate purchases (except for those poor people, who are more likely to be victimized and are probably more in need of a means of protecting themselves and their families and will be impacted more than anyone by being forced to make a more expensive purchase).

What she won’t say is that the more difficult and costly you make a legitimate purchase, the more purchases will be off the books.

The criminals will continue purchasing, trading guns on the black market and stealing firearms. And more and more people will simply trade quietly among themselves.

And, placing an additional burden on a constitutionally protected right is something akin to a poll tax – a monetary penalty imposed on those wishing to exercise their rights in order to thwart said action.

And the tyrannical swine in Cook County aren’t the only ones penalizing innocent people whose only “crime” is to exercise their rights.

Legislation introduced in Congress would add a 10% tax to handgun purchases to pay for gun buybacks and other programs.

New Jersey and Washington state are also working on adding taxes to constitutionally protected purchases.

Roger Dickinson, a California Democrat (what else?), introduced a bill that would add a 5-cent tax to the sale of every bullet.

A committee heard testimony last week on a Nevada bill that would create a $25 tax for gun sales and a 2-cent tax on each round of ammunition.

A Massachusetts Democrat, proposed a 25% sales tax on ammunition and firearms, with the money going to mental health and victims’ programs, police training and firearms licensing. “We tax cigarettes, we tax alcohol, we tax other items that have a negative effect on society,” he says.

And of course you have the Maryland General Assembly passed a bill that includes a fee of up to $25 for handgun licenses.

What these legislators are doing is not only showing disdain and lack of concern for the poor, but are displaying the most stunning display of bigotry I’ve seen since leaving the former USSR.

It’s not race or religion that is being penalized by these repugnant despot wannabes. It’s life and the willingness to protect it. It’s love – for our rights and freedoms. It’s respect for ourselves and the willingness to take responsibility for our safety and the safety of our loved ones.

This is what they’re punishing.

Because our respect for ourselves, our safety and security and our willingness to be accountable for ourselves makes them irrelevant.

So they will tax us, punish us and try to chain us to the wall of their irrelevance.

I keep wondering how these petty tyrants get elected time and time again, and whether their continued rise to power a sign of the destruction of our society.

I think it probably is.


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  1. Sooner or later, someone is going to get sick of these violations and start executing politicians.

    At the rate of their latest gun ban orgy, it looks like it’ll be sooner than many once believed possible.


  2. Nicki,

    Excellent! I will link this at my blog and shoot people over here. Great stats! Thanks for posting this! Full credit to you, of course, because that’s how I roll.


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  4. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    I don’t see why these Liberal Gun-Grabbers can’t SEE this simple set of sentences and understand it.
    “It is a well known fact that criminals do not purchase guns legally. They do not go to stores. They do not undergo background investigations. They do not fill out necessary paperwork. They purchase cheap, throwaway guns, steal them, or obtain them from friends or family.”


    1. Because they don’t like the idea of people not NEEDING them. They don’t like the idea of being helpless to stop violence. *sigh*


      1. I guess that’s truly it… “You MUST NEED the government!” and if you don’t they stomp their feet and cry like children, threaten you and then call you names.


        1. Exactly. These losers have so little self respect that they need to feel NEEDED for validation.


    2. And thank you for the reblog. 🙂


    3. It’s not about keeping criminals from getting guns, it’s about making the serfs(that’s us) unable to resist their self appointed lords.


      1. thanks. You know…. you’re right.

        We keep saying “It’s not about gun control, it’s about people control” and that’s absolutely the key. If they can control us, they can control everything from production, to consumption to who owns property, and who doesn’t. The other day a woman was saying how they have to change perceptions that we “don’t own our kids, the community owns them”. What kind of nonsense is that?


        1. I saw that. I’m still too speechless to even address this issue! And that’s saying quite a bit, as I’m NEVER speechless!


        2. Find your voice. We all need to find our voices. I’m at the point of marching on Washington (or the various capitols) to make the point. IF there were more of us…. it wouldn’t be so bad. They’d listen. If a couple thousand go we’re labeled “kooks”. it’s sad.


        3. I have sent an email. If she responds, I’ll post.


      2. DING! DING! DING!

        Yep, that’s exactly it. You ever notice exactly how anxious they are to pass yet another law, as soon as some “victim” approaches them with some perceived “wrongdoing?” It’s the same kind of attitude with guns.


    4. Yep. Nicki speaketh truth. One of my fave comments to make to any liberal is, “Hey, isn’t there someone, somewhere, that can’t do their life by themselves, so they need you to make a government program for their victimhood status to be complete?” They hate that one.


  5. Liberals think just like communists; do what is best for the state, not what is best for the citizens.


  6. Nicki I didn’t really mean to “Find your voice and do something” like write a letter 🙂 I mean it more… as in each of us needs to start standing up for what is right. But, letters are still good! 🙂

    rmactsc: One thing here, Liberals = Progressives = Communists.

    Liberals are closet Progressives and are Communists, they just don’t KNOW it yet. Progressives KNOW it and are hiding. Most people who stand for “Progressiveness” are nothing more than liars, cheats and hypocrites who somehow think we can’t see through the label they chose for themselves.

    No, Communists in this country abound. It all started in the 1960s when they tried to beat into our heads how BAD Joe McCarthy was, and we fell for it like fools.

    In truth, the Communists never left, the Wall never fell in a figurative sense. Our time on this planet is limited to fix things and if we don’t, the entire world will be engulfed by these Godless people who want nothing better than to seize your belongings and mine, take our guns and leave us dead with a bullet in our head in a nondescript ditch someplace for the archaeologists to find in 300 years.

    Americans have been brainwashed, television-hypnotized, and lied to by most of the media for so long they can’t see that the original post statement above (Law Abiding Citizens Forced to Pay for Criminal Acts of Others) is anything but true….


    1. LOL! I know. I actually did it before I read your comment. Just got more and more pissed off about it. 😀


    2. n0njy,

      Let’s just make this simple:
      Anyone who does not support our US Constitution, and seeks to vandalize it, edit it, or outright abolish it, is the enemy. This covers progressives, Democrats, liberals, statists, Socialists, fascists, Obama, etc., etc.


      1. That’s simple. I can live with it 🙂


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