The First Rule of Holes

Most of us know what this rule is: when you’re in a hole, stop digging. Congresswoman Diana DeGette obviously didn’t get the memo.

After a rambling, incoherent reply at a public forum about how she thinks that once all the bullets are shot out of a magazine, the magazine is no longer viable, and therefore if you ban the magazines, they will all go away after the bullets were shot…

Or something

This douchetard proceeded to dig deeper and blame gun control opponents for making her sound stupid! It’s not that she has no idea what the hell she’s talking about. It’s those evil gun people! The evil gun lobby. They just made her sound dumb. She had nothing to do with her “inartfully stated” gibberish.

If a high-capacity magazine ban is put in place, there would be a reduction of magazines in circulation, simply because they would no longer be available for lawful purchase. If Congress passed a high-capacity magazine ban, disturbed individuals like the Aurora shooter would not be able to go online to order a 100-round magazine or walk into their local sporting goods store to purchase a 30-round magazine.

While those who currently have high-capacity magazines would be able to keep them and reuse them if they wished, they would not be able to purchase new high-capacity magazines or transfer them to others. The availability of these assault magazines to criminals and the mentally ill would thus be greatly reduced over time.

Seriously. Assault magazines. Can someone please purchase her a one-way ticket to Retardistan?

She put herself out there. She is vocally and ignorantly demonizing an inanimate object and trying to ban something that has no hope of reducing crime. And yet, now she’s complaining that people draw attention to the fact that she’s a moron?


These facts have been obfuscated in the discussion this week because once again, personal attacks and intentional manipulation of positions have been employed to distract from the pursuit of meaningful efforts to reduce gun violence. In the age of social media, the playbook has taken on a new vicious and viral quality, as half-truths and distorted facts can be spread to thousands of their allies over the Internet for mobilization purposes. We have seen this time after time in Colorado and across the nation.

Let’s start with the claim that what she is promoting can be classified as “meaningful efforts to reduce gun violence.”

a) Magazines are fairly simple things to make. It’s a couple of metal parts and a spring. Not rocket science.

b) Banning them will merely make them more expensive, and making them more expensive won’t get them off the market. I guess this economic genius forgot that. An initial study on the efficacy of the first showed “that the ban triggered speculative price increases and ramped-up production of the banned firearms prior to the law’s implementation, followed by a substantial postban drop in prices to levels of previous years.”

c) There are many ways around the ban, such as quick reloading by using a jungle configuration.

And really, according to the study, the first ban, which outlawed assault weapons and “assault magazines,” as this asstard likes to call them, failed to reduce the average number of victims per incident, which is supposedly what these clue-deficient dimwits are trying to do.

Let’s continue with the fact that there are no half-truths in the video where this tongue-tied twatmonkey spews garbage. There is no distortion. The camera does not lie.

Stupid is as stupid does, and no amount of twisting and spinning will change the fact that she rambled on incoherently (in a voice that made my viscera want to jump out of my ass, I might add) and sounded like a complete incompetent.

But that won’t stop DeGette from playing victim. You see, her words were misrepresented by the gun lobby, who is trying to silence her and other pathetic tyrants.

Earlier this year, here in Colorado, Aurora’s state Rep. Rhonda Fields was personally and viciously maligned as she pursued meaningful gun violence prevention legislation in the statehouse — including a high-capacity magazine ban. Despite her long reputation as a tireless advocate for gun safety, and as the parent of a child gunned down by an assault weapon, the attacks were ugly and personal, and not only distracted from the critical debates occurring in the state Capitol, they ultimately led to physical threats against Fields. However, in the end, Fields was victorious, passing landmark legislation that will keep Colorado’s families safer.

It may have something to do with the fact that Rhonda Fields is a criminal who is trying to deprive people of their right to defend themselves from other criminals. But hey… don’t let a little facts get in the way of hysterical victimization claims!

For those of us who have fought for years to enact responsible gun violence prevention laws, the fervor these remarks has created is nothing new. As I have learned in two decades of work on gun violence prevention issues, the gun lobby takes every opportunity to intimidate, and attempt to silence, anyone who stands up to fight to make our families safer.

This woman is a typical leftard. When the facts aren’t on her side, she simply accuses her opponents of abusing and trying to silence her. She has nothing, so she dangles a little red herring in front of her audience, drawing attention from the fact that she is a clueless, uninformed, barely coherent twat and accusing those with whom she disagrees of trying to silence her. Fact of the matter is that she has a very loud, very effective microphone into which to spew her rhetoric. She has all she needs to have her voice heard. Too bad she has no facts to back up her hysterical yammering. And she certainly can’t blame anyone for noting her stupidity.


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  2. Since Obie and pals are ‘spiking the football’ in Colorado and Connecticut (ironically know as the Constitution State) while the ‘constitutional professor’ and his side kicks are gleefully celebrating their destruction of the Second Amendment in those states, Gun Shy is here to spike the ‘duh’ football a little more in honor of Ms DeGette


  3. Retardistan? I LOVE IT!
    Every Time I Have To Drive Through Denver, I Feel Like I’m Sneaking Through Enemy Territory.
    (Sorry For The Extra Capitols, Its A Weird Phone Setting.)


  4. Actually she is FROM Redtardistan. It’s the same district that previously elected the Commie uebercow Pat Schroeder to 13 terms.


  5. Yes. Let’s NEVER forget that Schroeder is the moron who insisted on “gender-norming” in our military acadamies so female “cadets” wouldn’t have to compete with the men…just each other–as if the enemy on the battlefield would ever do anything that stupid.


  6. I just wonder if “victims” are paid to spew nonsense and that the pursuit of the almighty dollar is foremost instead of seeking justice and knowledge. If my child were shot, I would fight and use the podium for better education of the facts, but when people (victims) come out and spew their (possibly paid off-for-) non-sense, it shocks the hell outta me! I have a special needs son, at 1st I listened to the “professionals” then when I discovered they really are “experimenting”, I went out on my own for facts as to how to help him, and help him I did, but something like this, something like violence-when there are so many answers out there-there is no excuse-. Just in today’s headlines the Travor Martin story-the family is getting millions from the housing complex-because their son (who did not live there) was killed there, so the supposed victims make out like bandits, now did that solve anything? No just tells ya be a victim and get paid, and seriously all this nonsense in Newton has me really really pissed, and I am a parent, would never like something like that to happen to my children, but dammit-I would find a way to protect them not steal other protections from other people! examples, get retired veterans who need jobs, have been cleared to guard my schools, I would never put a cop there because no one is trained like a soldier-plus too many mis-fires from cops (innocents getting killed from bad response or aim). I would put more education out there for my kids as to how to respond and what to do “if”. I would bring back extra-curricular activities in schools (whole other story-but felt important to mention-our kids are put into boxes, are told no they can’t for so many things in all so many ways-it sucks-no wonder we have angry kids) I would look more into the drugging of the offenders and effects of psychotropics-been proven-most of these heinous crimes committed by persons on said drugs, but again i could go on, just proves to me these “so called-victims-” are paid off to spew nonsense in order to get the sympathy vote, GOD have mercy on them because they are being used and now have a big black spot on their souls as far as I am concerned!


  7. Nicki,

    Saw this and thought of you, because as a woman who isn’t a victim, this should piss you off. Which means you will write about it. Which makes me happy.

    The liberal side:


    The Conservative side:


  8. Granny Grunch

    If they really,really wanted to save the life of even one child,they would make a law requiring all back yard swimming pools be filled in ’cause swimming pools take more childrens’ lives per year than do guns. CDC stats.


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