The Two Tillsons

Some of you will remember Paul Tillson – the shitstain from New Jersey who showed up on our Interwebz wearing enough military decorations to choke a woolly mammoth. The guys at This Ain’t Hell outed Tillson as an outright fraud, and he proceeded to threaten legal action against them, using written language so bad, that it made my cactus wilt!

I resent the fact you call me a fony soldier. Please check the latest regulation an where I purchases my clothing, by sending in a copy of my DD214′S WITH RIBBONS AUTHORIZED. I EXPECT A FULL APOLOGY THANKYOU

I can haz Valor?


Well, for those of you who claim Stolen Valor is a victimless crime, and we can’t prosecute someone for lying, because it’s a First Amendment issue…

Meet Paul Tillson.

No, this is not the same Paul Tillson from New Jersey, who appeared in wedding photos looking like a medal-hoarding freak.

This is a Paul Tillson from Oregon, who served honorably, got an education and opened his own IT company that does online computer repair, and is a disabled veteran.

The two Tillsons are staggeringly different, and yet, when people Google Paul Tillson, they’re inundated with photos of the freak, rather than the legitimate businessman.

GOOD Tillson


BAD Tillson


Tillson who runs his own business and is a contributing member of society


Tillson, who is a worthless valor-stealing shitstain


Mr. Tillson’s business is undoubtedly affected by the lying freak’s claims, and there’s little he can do to control the damage.

Still think Stolen Valor is a victimless crime?

So if you ever run across a computer problem, you might want to contact the first Tillson, who served honorably, and who is running a legitimate business.

I doubt you want to get in touch with the second Tillson, unless it’s to ridicule his very existence.

This is the Tillson you’re looking for.


Good luck, Mr. Tillson!

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  1. Thank You! for clearing the air the damage is done, so the recovery can commence! at least now I know why I was getting hate mail perfect sample of the butterfly effect.


    1. I’m glad to help, and I’m sorry you got embroiled in all this. Further evidence that Stolen Valor affects a lot of people.


  2. A VERY Thoughtful gesture Nicki .. I hope it meets your intents. When you running for Congress?


    1. Me??? Congress???

      Oh, you don’t want me running for Congress. There would be physical altercations, and I would win. I’d also probably have to pay their damn hospital bills afterward.:\


  3. I took the liberty of posting excepts at my friend’s site, you’ll see why –


    1. Oh, dear! This could be interesting!🙂


      1. I would hope “good” interesting. There are no more fine people than those at Patriot’s Corner.


  4. OMG. *snort* *choke* *snort* *choke* Nicki running for Congress *uncontrollable giggle fits* *snort* *choke*


  5. Thank you for your support! Only you guys can take lemons and trun it into lemonaid. Like the sound of that “Nicki for Congress”
    -Paul from Oregon


    1. LMAO! You have no idea what you’re advocating, sir!


  6. Tillson, the impersonator and douche bag, can’t even get his uniform squared away.

    Nicki-thanks for posting this toad being outed.


  7. I noticed it too. First of all the CIB is NEVER worn over the right pocket. It’s worn above the ribbons and above the jump wings. Secondly, I have no idea what most of that crap on his left chest is, but I recognize a Purple Heart (the topmost ribbon.) Two below it is the National Defense Service Ribbon–which everyone gets upon enlistment. It’s the LEAST important ribbon anyone wears and SHOULD be at the bottom of all that other garbage–none of which he’s likely earned, or which aren’t even military service ribbons at all. What this all boils down to is he’s wearing a National Defense Service Ribbon, three or four “campaign ribbons” and a Purple Heart. The rest of that stuff is garbage…not even rising to the level of the NDSM which you can wear if you’re just starting Basic Training or Boot Camp. He purports to be a Sergeant First Class but I notice one ribbon conspicuously missing–the one representing the Good Conduct Medal–which EVERY enlisted man gets unless he’s screwed up VERY BADLY. He’s a phony.


    1. Take a look at the original thread on This Ain’t Hell! The comments list all things that are wrong. And the comments are hilarious!


  8. Plus, if he wants to come over and do something about MY calling him a phony, I’ll gladly shoot him my address and he can come here and take it up with me personally. I’m 71, been shot three times,, have had 8 stents put into my heart and on my WORST day, I could kick this guy’s ass all over my front yard.


  9. In a perfect world, the fake Paul would be recipient of a bolt of lightning that would strike him right between the cheeks.

    I can’t deny I wish the man things as bad as what he’s accomplished. He deserves it and it can’t happen soon enough.


  10. Went and looked the original site over. You were right, Nikki. It was HILARIOUS! Somebody wondered if they were slipping because through 100 posts, none of them had offered to kick this morons ass.


  11. Thanks for setting the record straight on the two Tillsons. The Paul Tillson from Oregon is, and has been, a friend of mine for several years. When I needed volunteer mentors for our county’s first Veterans Court, Paul was the first to volunteer and he was assigned some of our toughest Veterans to mentor. He went far above the call of duty as he does every day. If you need help with a computer problem, he’s the one to ask. I hope everyone will make it a point to get the word out about Paul Tillson from Oregon so his good reputation may be restored.


    1. He certainly seems like a wonderful person, and we’re glad to have been able to help him get some resolution.


  12. I like the idea of you in Congress so much, I do believe I shall use the phrase, “Nicki For Congress!” in everyday speech. I will also write it on bathroom walls, put it on random paperwork at the bottom blank space, and perhaps write it onto helium-filled balloons and let them go here in CT.

    Or I could use it as a cuss phrase, like if I hit my finger with a hammer, “Nicki For Congress!!” would be better for me to say.

    Nicki For Congress. Hell yeah, bitches.


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