Jim Carrey – Ignorant About the Second Amendment… and Everything Else

I’ll admit it. I’ve been harassing Jim Carrey on Twitter. I use my Twitter account rarely, but every once in a while, I can see this opportunity – a golden chance to needle a dumbass – and I can’t resist. It’s like crack.

I never liked Jim Carrey a whole lot. I never saw his appeal. He was mildly amusing when he was on In Living Color, where he got his start as one of two only white dudes on an all-black comedy show. After that, he made a bunch of annoying movies, where he played stupid people (not a big stretch for him), and has been active in promulgating misinformation about childhood vaccination, using his celebrity to encourage thousands of idiots not to vaccinate their kids, resulting in the return of pertussis in states such as Oregon and Washington and even the deaths of innocent babies from perfectly preventable diseases.

Carrey has expanded his political activism lately – from promoting vaccination refusal to insulting gun owners. In a recent, poorly done video, Carrey ridicules America’s gun owners, mocks the late Charlton Heston and generally acts like a moron… or like himself, if you will.

On Twitter, this tool continued his assault on law-abiding citizens.

March 24, 2013’Cold Dead Hand’ is abt u heartless motherf%ckers unwilling 2 bend 4 the safety of our kids.Sorry if you’re offended by the word safety! ;^}

I replied.

Carrey continued to compound his ignorance about guns with the following:

I replied in hopes of showing him just how deluded and clueless he really is.

And I followed it up with a photo explaining just WHY Jim Carrey is a moron.

Poor Jim Carrey. He has no idea what he’s actually advocating, and has no clue what he wants to ban. He’s as stupid about guns as he is about vaccines. But that hasn’t stopped him from drooling about shooting tragedies, pretending he actually cares, instead of simply trolling for relevancy.

March 25, 2013I get it.U don’t wnt 2 be told wht to do.So mch so tht u may support wht u know in your heart is wrong.Thn u feel guilty n angry abt it. ;^|

What we know is wrong is Canadian douchenozzles telling us what we know is wrong. What we know is wrong is repeated attempts to destroy our rights and freedoms. What we know is wrong is sheltered celebrities advocating victim disarmament from the comfort of their gated communities under the protection of their bodyguards. And the only thing we feel guilty about is allowing dimwits to control the narrative.

It’s wrong to protest repeated attempts to violate the Constitution, but it’s right to allow authoritarian swine to control our lives. Got it. It’s always amazed me that celebutards just don’t understand the concept of rights – probably because they’re insulated from the repercussions of losing them. After all, why do they need guns? They have bodyguards! They don’t worry about invasions of privacy or illegal searches. They’re rich and influential! But apparently, poor Jimmy had a sad about all the mean things those gun owners said on his Twitter feed! He’s not used to being criticized – not publicly anyway! He’s used to being adored by millions of drooling turds who pay money to watch his films, not castigated for his views!

Carrey doesn’t get it. He really doesn’t. He equates gun ownership and passion about our rights to hatred and implies that somehow the defense of our rights is killing our children, instead of armed criminals… and idiots who refuse to vaccinate.

Carrey is not alone. He’s typical of the celebutard set who demand action from politicians from their insulated little worlds, where their stalkers are taken care of by armed bodyguards, and cops jump anxiously and ardently to their service every time a stranger shows up in their gated communities. They don’t know the real world, where women get raped and the police are not legally obligated to protect them, and where drug dealers wage war on one another, with our children caught in the crossfire, and where vermin invade our homes, forcing us to either defend ourselves or wait for the police to show up and clean up our blood. They’re protected from the consequences of their activism by armed guards and secure communities.

And they don’t give a thought to the rest of us.


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  1. Rev. Michael Harris

    Did everyone forget that he isn’t American? Another foreigner preaching about gun control. I wouldn’t even post about it. He’s well past any relevance he might have had.


    1. Actually, he got his American citizenship a while ago. Loves taking advantage of the rights and freedoms this nation offers. Wants to eliminate the rights with which he disagrees.


  2. The only bad thing about this post is that you used Carrey’s video…in essence, promoting it. We need to not promote his asininity. Otherwise, great article.


    1. I figured people needed to see it before tearing into it. 🙂


    2. Know thy enemy. I had not seen the full video until Nicki posted it, so now I am fully aware and up-to-speed, and not commenting about something I do not know 100%.

      Nicely done, Nicki.


  3. Okay, fine, let’s do this.

    I propose we have an official Dick Measuring Contest between the anti-gunners and the pro-gunners. The results can be video’d and put onto YouTube, with appropriate blurring, of course.


  4. A magazine and a clip are the same thing. A clip is the newer word for magazine. Vets and other older gentlemen will sometimes correct you if you say clip. Clip is kind like saying ain’t for are not! I am sorry to correct you but an ex Vietnam vet and ex Secret Service Member read it and informed me of the sameness.

    I do like your posts and I agree with you and encourage you to keep talking as we must keep our guns, you are right on girl.

    Cole martin


    1. Hi, Cole – thanks for commenting.

      Technically no. A clip “clips” multiple rounds of ammunition together, ready for insertion into the magazine. The defining difference between the two is the presence of a feed mechanism in a magazine. There’s no such thing in a clip. A clip is literally a strip of metal.

      These people are trying to change the narrative to fit their ignorance. Yeah, I’m a vet, so I’m picky about this stuff.

      You will find any number of firearms experts who disagree with the use of “clip” for magazine, and frankly the last ex Secret Service agent I met (a few weeks ago at the Moran gun forum) knew the difference, but didn’t even realize we still use clips to feed magazines in the military. He actually asked me, “When was the last time you used a clip?”

      I said, “Ummmm… the last time I was out at the range qualifying with my unit.”


    2. Nicki,

      Remember taking a clip of 5.56 and lining it up with the magazine and slamming it down sharply so the rounds fed the magazine in one smooth and fluid motion? And that distinct sound it made? Good times, good times…


      1. I always slid it in very slowly….

        Oh, my! That sounds dirty!


  5. Well I just found an article on the web about clips vs magazines and the vet was wrong any you were right. It even has a picture of each and a clip loads A magazine. Sorry for my misstatement but I looked it up since I knew you would probably be right. My vet friend ex Secret Service guy is wrong.

    Oh well

    Cole martin


    1. No worries. People make mistakes.

      I guess what really pisses me off more than anything is politicians and celebutards who go around spouting off without actually knowing anything about the topic – like when Carolyn McCarthy had no clue what a barrel shroud was, but wanted to ban it anyway.


    1. Awww! That’s awesome! My mission now is to get you to drop the F-bomb and the C-bomb in a single blog post.


    2. Which ones Nicki Feinstein and Cuomo? Those are the two dirtiest words I can think of starting with F and C….:D


  6. If and when jimmy baby makes another movie I’m sure it wont have any terrible guns in it. You know he is just trying to make these histrionic comments to gain publicity for his declining career in movies……


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