It’s Baaaack!

Like a bad case of the herp, the UN Arms Trade Treaty is back in the spotlight. The United Nations wants to regulate the trade of everything from handguns to tanks,.

The point of the treaty is to set standards for all cross-border transfers of any type of conventional weapon – light and heavy. It also would set binding requirements for nations to review all cross-border arms contracts to ensure the munitions will not be used in human rights abuses, do not violate embargoes and are not illegally diverted.

Hmmmm….. wonder if that includes Operation Fast and Furious.

2 responses

  1. You do realize some of these poor African presidents can’t keep the rebels under control in their tropical paradises, right? Don’t we owe it to them to help with their stability while they develop their utopiae?


    1. Dictatorship. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.


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