The Gun Grabbers’ War on Women

This latest push to disarm yet more innocent citizens and render them helpless against armed has shined a significant spotlight on what appears to be a concentrated liberal attack on women – on women’s safety, on their ability to defend themselves and on their very dignity!

Throughout the election season last year, we heard about the Republican “war on women,” because members of the GOP refused to force churches and other religious organizations to pay for their employees’ birth control – because they didn’t want to force taxpayers to fund Planned Parenthood abortions, which may be against their religious principles – because they feel that women should have the same opportunities as men, without special treatment and without laws to make them into a special class.

Meanwhile, the real “war on women” is being waged every day in Washington and in individual states, where legislators are using the tragic murder of 20 children at Sandy Hook, to disarm women – to make them easy targets for murderers and rapists – and for some reason, this particular war on women is being ignored by the media and by the hoplophobes who were so ardent about documenting every stupid statement any GOP candidate made about rape.

In Colorado, Joe Salazar famously told women they didn’t need firearms, because call boxes and rape whistles were enough to protect them against rape – and dammit! – they were just too hysterical to know if it’s a real rapist stalking them or just an innocent guy on his way to 7-Eleven to get some Doritos.

The University of Colorado famously told women that the best way to protect themselves against rape is to urinate or vomit on themselves. Maybe then, the rapist will be too grossed out to violate them!

Evie Hudak added insult to injury when she told a rape victim that a gun wouldn’t have helped her anyway, using statistics provided to her by an anti-gun rights group.

Joe Biden told women they didn’t need an AR-15, but should just get a double-barrel shotgun (and negligently discharge it off a balcony or through a door). Because it’s somehow easier to aim and shoot… Yeah, we saw how that works out!

New York legislators believe women are too weak to use an AR-15, and that encyclopedic paragon of firearms knowledge Carolyn McCarthy famously claimed that women don’t need an AR-15 – they’re too weak and incompetent to use them, and that a rifle is a much better choice! I guess it escaped her puny little brain that an AR-15 is a rifle, and that women use M-16s (the military version of the “assault” weapons McCarthy so fears) all the time… you know… in the military and such!

I guess I was too weak and stupid to use that M16A2 the Army issued me!

I guess I was too weak and stupid to use that M16A2 the Army issued me!

We hear many times from these assweasels as well as media maggots such as David Gregory and Piers Morgan that we should be more like Britain – where guns are banned, innocents are defenseless, and women are raped at alarming rates. Clayton Cramer has more.

This is a spreadsheet of crimes detected in England/Wales 2010/2011. There were 54,982 sexual offenses reported, but this web site belonging to a UK rape crisis group indicates that the British Crime Survey indicates about 80,000 rapes per year. (As in United States, there are many rapes not reported to the police, which show up in surveys of victims.) The current United Kingdom population is 56.1 million.  That would mean about about 142 rapes/100,000 population.

 Table 1 of Uniform Crime Reports for 2011 shows the United States has a reported to police rape rate of 42.8/100,000 rapes. The 2010 National Crime Victimization Survey shows 188,380 rapes in the U.S.; the U.S. population in 2010 was 308 million.  That gives 61.16 rapes per 100,000 population, our about 43% of the British Crime Survey victimization rate.

Now, neither Clayton Cramer nor I will claim that the reason our rape rates are lower than the UK’s is because the women in the US can be armed in many states. Correlation does not always equal causation, despite the gun banners’ best effort to draw those conclusions. However, while British women are completely disarmed and don’t even have the opportunity to defend themselves with firearms – and therefore there has not been a case where a British woman shot her would-be attacker, we do know of definitive cases in the United States where rape has been stopped by armed women.

Woman killed would-be rapist in Albuquerque.

In Seattle.

In Cape Girardeau, MO.

In Santa Fe.

In Tulsa.

In New Orleans.

I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Women in the United States can and do protect themselves from rapists using firearms. Women in Britain don’t have that right. At least some women in the United States have saved themselves the trauma and physical pain of having been sexually assaulted. No women in Britain have.

And the gun-grabbing cowards in Washington and in your state legislatures want to turn you into British victims, instead of allowing you the opportunity and protecting your right to be an American hero.

So who is waging the real war on women here? And will Democrats (who are mostly responsible for these onerous attempts to make women into victims) claim their own?



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  2. You’re a Mother! You don’t need no stinkin gun, just your bare hands. And if that won’t work, a little Mothers spit will.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Nicki,

    What unit were you with in the photo? And where were you/what year was it when this photo was taken?


    1. That was KFOR8 in Kosovo. 29th Infantry Division. 🙂

      We mobilized July 2006 and came back stateside November or December 2008


  4. Nicki,

    Totally unrelated to this post, but I wanted to let you know that tonight, in Newtown, CT, there will be a Newtown Action Alliance meeting (a grassroots anti-gun group) that I shall be attending. The guest speaker will be Chris Kocher, from Mayor Bloomberg’s nanny-state “Mayors Against Illegal Guns” on hand to motivate the emotionally-charged rhetoric and incite these local anti-gunners to push even harder against private gun ownership in CT. It should be aces. I will take notes and video if I am able to and write about it later.

    This Newtown Action Alliance is toothless and full of nothing more than liberal rainbow and unicorn mothers who want all guns banned because of Sandy Hook. Yikes.
    Here’s their official news release about tonight’s meeting:

    It would be awesome if you lived closer to CT so you and Rob could come out and join up with me, but alas, ’tis not to be…

    Long Live the Republic.


  5. Oh, and speaking of the Mayors Agianst Illegal Guns organization, did you see how one of them, Mayor James Schirilo took a kid hostage at his houes and held him at gunpoint? Ooops. Needless to say, Mayor James has been removed from the MAIG roster. But still, this irony is not lost on many of us…

    You just know when this happened that Bloomberg facepalmed himself and slapped a nearby aide in frustration. Then he drank a 32-ounce coffee and ate 4 salty hot dogs from a street vendor. Ha!


  6. Gun Shy likes a trained woman with a gun. The only thing better than that, is a group of trained women with guns. Why you ask? Because when the bad guy is focused on Gun Shy as the perceived opposition, the unsuspecting ‘weaker sex’ and ‘helpless’ ladies are training their sights on him and putting rounds downrange on his sorry ass.

    Note to all trainers:

    Train as many women in hand to hand, improvised weapons, and firearms as you can, because some day they may be the one saving your ass.


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