Crazy People and Guns (UPDATED)

So my blog buddy Don Borsch just informed me that it can now be conclusively deduced that Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza was…





Off his gourd.


Nuttier than squirrel shit.

As more information becomes available about Lanza and his actions before he decided to steal a few guns from mummy and shoot up a bunch of sweet, innocent kids, we begin to realize that the evil NRA, gun owners, “assault” weapons and high-capacity magazines were not responsible for the deaths of children that December day in 2012.

Lanza studied serial killers/school shooters and virtually every incident of mass murder in the United States – most notably, Anders Behring Breivik, who bombed government buildings in Oslo, killing 8, and then carried out a mass shooting at a camp of the Workers’ Youth Leagueof the Labour Party on the island of Utøya, murdering 69 people, mostly teenagers, in Norway, where guns are strictly regulated by law, and carrying firearms anywhere is prohibited.

The latest disclosure, coupled with evidence of how Lanza expertly deployed his AR-15 Bushmaster rifle in murdering 20 first-graders and six adults at the school after earlier attempting to destroy his computer hard drives, lends credence to the belief that he had been planning the deadly Dec. 14 assault for some time.

The source said that Lanza used what law enforcement professionals call “tactical loading” in firing the semi-automatic rifle, putting a fresh magazine into the weapon before completely emptying the previous one.

Authorities estimate that Lanza fired about 150 shots from the “assault” rifle in the span of 5 minutes, before he tactically shot himself.

That’s about 30 shots per minute, with a second or two to drop the magazine and reload. The typical rate of fire for a common pistol such as a Glock will depend on the shooter’s hand strength, the recoil and how fast his or her reaction is before the next shot.  Assuming he simply had a 10-round magazine, he could have emptied a magazine in about 10 seconds and popped in a new one, and he didn’t even empty the entire thing.

So if “high-capacity” magazines had been banned, and Lanza only had 15 ten-round mags, and could empty one in 10 seconds, he could conceivably have fired 50-60 rounds per minute, and have committed the same carnage in 3 minutes or less. With a handgun.

According to this report, the sustained rate of fire on a semi-automatic setting for an M-16 (the military version of the AR-15, such as the one used by Lanza at Sandy Hook), is 45 rounds per minute.

That’s on the military rifle.  That would be 225 rounds in 5 minutes. The AR-15 Lanza used didn’t even have that, and he didn’t even empty the mag, according to the report, in order to tactically load the firearm and murder people faster.

So was it the high-capacity magazine? All indications are that no… it wasn’t.

Was it the evil “assault” rifle? All indications are that no… it wasn’t.

Was it lax background checks that allowed him to purchase the evil “assault” rifle? All indications are that no… it wasn’t. He stole the rifle and other guns from his mom.

But Adam Lanza played violent video games and studied mass murders closely. He stole firearms and had no problem murdering innocent children with them.

And people like Chuck Schumer, Jim Moran and their posse of authoritarian hoplophobes want more restrictions imposed on you and me. They want bans on high-capacity magazines. They want bans on evil, scary “assault” rifles. They want bans on private firearm transactions. But what I haven’t seen is any effort to address the plethora of fruitloops walking among us, whose families are reluctant or unable to institutionalize them due to strict regulations.

Does that make any sense?

Yeah, didn’t think so.

UPDATE: The Washington Post reports that Feinstein’s assault weapons bill has passed committee along party lines, and includes a mighty heated exchange between her and Ted Cruz, where she completely loses her shit and angrily claims she has great respect for the Constitution, even as she takes a large, steamy dump on it.


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  1. Link love! Woo-hoo!

    This is a game changer, isn’t it? All of a sudden now, the anti-gunners are facing the brutal truth that Adam Lanza was simply just.another.insane.madman. like all the rest.

    It wasn’t Nancy Lanza’s fault. It wasn’t the AR15’s fault. It wasn’t the magazines he used. Nope. It was Adam Lanza’s craziness.

    Let the fallout begin, because if they (the anti-crowd) wish to scream this supports their demands that crazy people not be allowed access to guns, we, as the pro-Second Amendment crowd, can say, “We never said otherwise, did we? We actually told you emotional puppets to wait, be patient, and see what facts came out. But you didn’t.”

    No one I know personally thinks it is wise to allow crazy people access to guns.


    1. Well, I think Nancy Lanza could have done more than just left an obviously mentally disturbed young man with unsecured weapons. She was ready to institutionalize him. She knew the kind of games he was playing. She had to have known the kind of reading material he had, unless she was so stupid so as to completely ignore what went on in her own house. If I had batshit crazy living in my house, all my firearms would be in storage or on me at all times.


    2. Nicki,

      Never underestimate the power of stupidity. I cannot find it to blame her simply because she’s dead and none of us will ever know what really was going on in that house. Adam did kill her first, remember? Perhaps she was onto him, and he knew she had to go.

      Besides, there has been no evidence, pro or con, regarding if the firearms were secured or not.

      Just a thought, not an argument. 😉


      1. My point is that they were obviously accessible to the kid. I would have literally taken them out of the house and away. The story I read said she wanted to institutionalize him, and he was angry about it, which would explain why he shot her first. If I had that kind of crazy in my house, there would be no frikkin’ way he would have gotten to my guns.

        But that’s just me.

        I’m not blaming per se… but I can’t help but wonder if she bears at least some responsibility for his gaining access to the goods.


    3. Nicki,

      Would you entertain the possibility that he was merely a son pissed-off at his mother and used a gun to manifest that anger?

      The slippery slope in your view is that you are presuming parents would have the intestinal fortitude to firstly acknowledge their child was fucked up, and then to secondly treat them like they are possible criminals and lock up their guns moreso than normal.

      You’re a mother, so I know you understand how difficult it would be to admit your child (or mine as a father) was mentally ill. Our first reaction would probably be to deny it, accommodate it, and try to make it go away. Perhaps Nancy Lanza did just that, and then one day realized she had to take proactive action about her son. And then…BOOM…dead.

      Nicki, I don’t know. I can only speculate. But let me pose this question, if I may, for the sake of dialogue:
      Say your child/children were determined to be crazy. Then say the law requires you to remove, not just lock-up, but remove all firearms from your house as long as the crazy resided with you. To me I see this as a plausible possibility if the anti-gunners keep pushing their agenda.

      Just a thought. Not an argument. I have no wish to engage in a pissing contest with an ally. 😉 But I would like to know your continuing thoughts on this issue.


      1. You don’t need to worry about debating around here. We’re not in a pissing match. Simply exploring our views.

        As a mother, I know how difficult it would be to acknowledge the crazy in your own kid.

        Fortunately, I have some experience in this arena, and that’s exactly what I’ve had to do. I won’t get into personal details, but suffice it to say, I’m there, and I know.

        Now, I don’t want a law to require me to do anything. I’m a responsible person, and an objective one. If there was a crazy living in my house, I would make sure my firearms were inaccessible. What I did the last time was lock them in a safe, and then install outdoor deadlocks on my bedroom door with the safe inside. There was no way the crazy was getting a hold of my firearms. My carry weapon was always on my hip, too.

        Again, this is not to say that I want a law to mandate me to remove firearms from the house. But as a responsible gun owner and parent, Nancy Lanza should have taken steps to do so.


  2. But as a responsible gun owner and parent, Nancy Lanza should have taken steps to do so.

    And therein lies the rub, yes? Neither of us will ever know if Nancy was preparing to lock-up her firearms, put deadbolts on her door, etc. Maybe she was planning on doing all that Friday Dec 14th, but…well, you know.

    We are presuming she was cognizant of the dangers her son might have presented and somehow failed to act upon it. But we’ll never know.

    Thanks for the open dialogue. It’s refreshing to be able to opine freely without name-calling. 😉 The leftists could take some pointers from us in that respect.


    1. LMAO!!! You DICK!!! 😉

      No, seriously. Of course, you never know if she planned on securing her weapons that morning, but I’m kind of doubting that. If she had planned on institutionalizing him, this wasn’t just a spur of the moment decision. That plan was the result of something. How she didn’t see all the reams of material on mass murders… how she didn’t think that him playing violent video games all day, even as she planned on sticking him in a loony bin… I’ll never know.

      I’m just examining the facts in evidence and basing my assessment on what we do know. Sure, there are unknown variables, and I could be completely off on this, but… given what has been disclosed so far, I assess she didn’t act responsibly in this matter. That is NOT to say that I blame her for the massacre. I don’t. The only person to blame is Adam Lanza… but you know…


  3. I’m terribly afraid it does make sense Nicki… you see, if Schumer, Moran and the rest get these EBRs banned… and the magazines banned… then pistols and their magazines above 8 or 10 rounds are next. Then Shotgun magazine extenders… Then Semi-auto rifles followed by semi-auto pistols. You see, make perfect sense to the hooplaphobes…if the can get any one banned it opens the door to another and another and another… Remember, these politicos scream Marijuana is a “Gateway Drug” every chance they get- it should be no surprise they look at this as a “gateway” too and will use it. (and I did mean Hoop-laphobes – they fear firearms and want use to jump through their hoops.)

    As an aside, when someone studies then uses violence or the threat of violence to force a change in a political or societal group… doesn’t that have a name? Sure used to-


    1. Recent shooting in New York State involving a shotgun. Not a dreaded “assault weapon”. Wait until the lefties get ahold of this. Shotguns will miraculously be added to their narrative.


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  5. Here’s a suggestion. NEVER (and I mean NEVER) again mention the name of the shooter in these incidents…not us, not the media and not the police “spokesman”. Making them disappear takes away one of their incentives for doing this stuff…their “15 minutes of fame.” Everyone knows who Lee Harvey Oswald and James Earl Ray are, but only because their names have been spread all over the media for decades now. Write them OUT of the textbooks of history and never mention their names again. The media have touted the names of the idiots who shot up Columbine HS, that Aurora, Colorado, theater, Gabby Gifford’s “rally,” the Virginia Tech campus and now that Sandy Hook School so most of us, if pressed, could probably identify them by name. We should NOT be able to do that…period. It’s one reason why I NEVER mention any of them by name. I wish others would follow that lead.


  6. Ehhh, I still say that Sandy Hook was a CIA black bag op. Moonbat shooters never shot little kids before; they attacked their classmates. This was new.

    O.K., snark’s off now.


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