Another Gun-Free Zone That Won’t See My Money

From a friend’s Facebook feed:

After discovering a fav restaurant of ours does not allow firearms on the premises of ANY of their restaurants I wrote to them telling them of my displeasure and nicely asking them to reconsider so I wouldn’t have to tell all my friends. This is their reply:

Hi ***,

Thank you for emailing T.G.I. Friday’s.

We want to be sure that we can provide not only a fun environment, but a safe one as well. It is a corporate policy that we do not allow firearms of any caliber into our stores unless carried by a police officer on duty, for the protection of our many valued guests. I appreciate your feedback and hope you’ll understand our position on this issue.

Thank you for your interest in T.G.I. Friday’s!

Raith Hickman
Guest Relations Support

As much as I love Friday’s food, I refuse to be rendered defenseless by paranoid, hysterical policies under the guise of “protection of our many valued guests.”

If your guests need protection from someone who has the training, has passed a background check, has submitted paperwork and fees just to be able to carry their tool of self defense in their purse, perhaps they need to just stay home.

If, on the other hand, an armed thug enters the premises, knowing he will have a restaurant full of disarmed victims, I don’t want to be around to become one of them.

So I’ll kindly take my money elsewhere.

I hope you’ll understand my position on this issue.

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  1. jessemathewson

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  2. Well, there’s another place where I won’t be spending my money.

    Oh, wait. I don’t eat there in the first place on account of their crappy food.


  3. A “safe environment” like Susana Hupp and her family had at Luby’s Cafeteria back in 1986? Sure thing, Raith. You go ahead and believe that.


    1. I haven’t gotten a reply. I wonder if I will…


  4. I wonder if they realize the liability they assume by restricting our ability to defend ourselves? I am speaking not only about the moral and ethical liability, but about the civil tort liability. If TGIF was in a boat would they restrict my ability to bring my own life jacket? My own fire extinguisher? What about a personal steak knife? I want to cut my meat small enough to avoid choking don’t I. I tell all my students “Don’t spend money where you can’t carry”. That includes unfriendly businesses, cities, counties and states.


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  6. Michael .. you raise an interesting point, if one w/ a permit becomes a victim, and was not carrying because the restaurants policies disallowed it, are they liable … hmm. Be interesting to see if any case law exists, might make others hesitant to impose such policies. Doesn’t effect us in NC where the law prohibits CC where alcohol is served.


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  8. I left them some love on Facebook and said I can’t eat in their restaurants.


  9. So…um…I reckon I will eat at TGIFiday’s only when an on-duty cop is inside eating. Otherwise, I’m kinda shit outta luck if a wanna-be James Holmes comes in looking to make a name for himself.

    Oh, who am I kidding? Screw TGIFriday.


  10. “We want to be sure that we can provide not only a fun environment, but a safe one as well.”

    I have yet to see any security staff provided by TGIF at any of their establishments, so as far as I am concerned this is effectively a lie. That sticker on their door does not provide a safe environment; it provides the ILLUSION of a safe environment. This, being the difference between reality and fantasy, is of concern to me.


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