Gun Grabber Hypocrites

I told you all earlier that I am through feeling sorry for Gabby Giffords and her suffering hubby Mark Kelly. I said I refuse to have sympathy for people who use tragedy to club me over the head, and use their victimhood as an elitist attempt to gain the moral high ground, as they work to destroy your rights. I stand by that statement.

But now, I will add that I feel nothing but disdain for Mark Kelly. Not only is he an elitist gun-grabber, but he’s also a hypocrite.

As he has done in pro-gun control testimony before the U.S. Congress in recent months, Kelly voiced support for this Democrat-led push for more gun control. He intimated that the gun control push could keep us all safer by keeping “dangerous people” from getting guns. 

Ironically, on March 5–the day after giving his pro-gun control testimony in Col.–Kelly purchased a 1911-style semi-automatic pistol and an “assault rifle” at Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson, AZ. 

Witnesses in the store claim he also bought “high capacity” magazines.

So the day after he paraded his wife on the gun control stage like an accordion player’s monkey in support of a ban on “assault” weapons, high-capacity magazines and a whole host of other worthless, rights-destroying measures, Mark Kelly went out and purchased the very guns he has testified in favor of banning.


I guess he wanted to get his before they were banned?

No. Apparently after he bought the gun, Kelly decided to post on his Facebook that the purchase was an “impulse buy,” and that he was going to donate the rifle to the Tucson PD.

Yeah, interesting. This jerkoff bought the rifle on March 5. Then a few days later – on March 8 – he posts on his Facebook wall that he’ll donate the rifle?

Sounds to me like a few days after the buy, the lying hypocrite realized he was a public figure and that he couldn’t hide this purchase, so he took to social media to make himself seem less disgusting.

Mark Kelly – you have no honor, you have no courage, and you have no integrity. You are a lying hypocrite, who is using his injured wife to push an onerous political agenda.

I’m betting you run for political office soon, and I’m betting you use your wife and the consequent political advocacy to make yourself seem legitimate in the eyes of the voters.

You’re disgusting.


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  1. Reblogged this on Jesse Talks Back and commented:
    Well said, though I will say as an Arizona resident I am sad for those murdered by crazy people, since Pima County has many murdering psychos on payroll, I can’t feel sorry for Gabby 😦


    1. I’m incredibly saddened by this tragedy. I have said so numerous times. I think it was horrible, and I felt sorry for Giffords – right until she decided to use her tragedy to destroy the rest of us. We are not guilty. We are not responsible for her injuries. We shouldn’t be clubbed over the head with her tragedy, and her voice does not and should not mean more or count more because she has suffered.


      1. jessemathewson

        I agree 🙂 much like dragging a vegi husband around for decades after he takes a bullet…


    2. And thank you for reblogging. 🙂


  2. Fully concur. Gabby said she was a moderate Democrat before her tragic incident in 2010.


    And her track record – and that of her dumbass husband – proves it.

    Go away now, Mark and Gabby. You are embarrassing yourselves.


  3. Nicki, I dont feel sorry for her. People get shot all over the world and the only reason she didnt just become a statistic is because of who she is. Now her husband is using it to push an agenda, one which he must have some reservations about seeing how he bought one of these hip fire bullet hoses, so I give even less of a fuck about the two of them. I have more respect for haji than I do for these two, at least haji had the balls to admit they hated me and what I stood for, these two turds are trying to take away my basic freedoms under the guise of heartbreaking tradgedy. Fuck them in the ear with a frozen trout, I have no respect for them, no tolerance for their bullshit agenda, and no sympathy for either one of them. Tell Mr. and Mrs. Potato head they can fuck off back to Arizona and lick a cactus.


    1. ” Fuck them in the ear with a frozen trout…”

      “…lick a cactus.”

      I’m flat-out stealing those. Thanks!




  5. Do as I say, peasants! My wife’s misfortune is my impetus! I love guns, always have! Hahahahaha! Peasants!

    So apparently Kelly is going to turn around and sell the guns back to the police as part of a buyback program, to prove a point. Hmm. Is he aware that the majority of serviceable guns turned in for buyback programs make their way back to the gun shops? D’oh! Oh, the irony!


  6. […] Sure it was! That’s why Kelly described the purchase on Facebook as an “impulse buy.” […]


  7. Before Giffords, there was once a guy from Wyoming (now living in Texas): Gabby. Gabby is a pseudonym for television (he wishes not to reveal his identity) and his real name was John David Morris. Morris has a mustache, beard, and boots and had a western look. Gabby left behind a footlocker that had a skeleton with a bullet hole on the skull and it remains unsolved to this day.


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